30 Sep 2009

Crayola Colour Wonder

Crayola Colour Wonder
Colour Wonder is a magical way of colouring in as the special markers only show up on the special Colour Wonder paper. Colour in your favourite Disney Fairies characters with Colour Wonder, where the colour only appears within the lines!

Do you remember the old 'Magic Painting' books? The pictures were already printed for you and all you had to do was 'paint' over them with water and the colour magically appeared ... well COlour Wonder from Crayola is bacially a 'new fangled' version of them.
Don't get me wrong, its clever and very effective. The colours are bright and most importantly there is no mess! I would recommend this activity as a good time passer for car, train or aeroplane journeys as they are safe to use and create no mess at all. >br>You do however have to use the pen provided, if you lose this you are stuck .. but we are yet to lose ours as they are quite chunky.

We have the Tinkerbell version but Crayola do market other characters and also plain blank sheets just for drawing on. Emma liked the Tinkerbell but (at 8) she said that they got boring after a while and that she would prefer the plain paper to design her own pictures.
The pack states age 3+ but I would also recommend this for younger children if supervised at all times, great for hand/eye co-ordination and fine motor skills.

Fun, clean and easy to travel with - a recommended craft set from Crayola.
Ryman rrp: £5.49 http://www.ryman.co.uk/Colour-Wonder-1454322031.asp

Our rating: 8/10

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