9 Sep 2009

Sleepytot Comforters

Sleepytot Comforters

Gorgeous Sleepytot Bunny, super soft and squeezy perfect for all newborns and children who like a special toy to cuddle up to.

I like this comforter as it looks like a regular toy and its a great size to take out with you in the buggy or the car (approx size 22cm x 25cm).

All four of bunnies legs have Velcro fasteners which are brilliant for attaching it to the buggy bars/straps or car seat so that 'bunny' isn't lost on-route.

You can also attach your babies soother to bunnies paws using the Velcro to keep it safe while out and about, this feature is also very handy in the night if your baby has a passion for losing their soother (just as you have got into a lovely deep sleep).
The Velcro fastening paws are great for when your little one is older as you can attach teether and other toys to its paws helping to encourage hand/eye co-ordination for your little one.

Other great points are that the Sleepytot Bunny is fully machine washable at 30 degrees. You will still have a crying child watching bunny go round and round in the washing machine - but its all part of being a mother!! It doesn't state however if you can tumble dry bunny ?? or if it is drip dry only ... so you could still have a small child looking longingly into the garden as bunny is pegged by its ears on the line.

Sleepytot Bunny is an all-round favourite in my house, my 8 year old daughter coo'd "Ahhh he's sooo cute!", while my 12 month old niece crawled over and grabbed him (apparently ours is a boy called Fluffbags) claiming him to be hers. Priced at £12.99 they don't break the bank and so you can afford to treat all your children/young family members to a Sleepytot Comforter each - however at present you can only buy the bunny shape and style.

I'll leave my favourite part till last ...... the best part from a mothers view is the tag (I know, don't laugh) it has a section to write your details on it just in case Bunny ever does get lost - ingenious !!

Family Star Points = 8/10

Price = £12.99

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