31 Oct 2009

Huggalugs - Legruffles

Huggalugs - Legruffles

#Fame! I'm gonna live forever,
I'm gonna learn how to fly - High!
I feel it coming together,
People will see me and cry - Fame!
I'm gonna make it to heaven,
Light up the sky like a flame - Fame!
I'm gonna live forever,
Baby remember my name,
Remember Remember Remember Remember Remember Remember Remember .......... #

Ok what are you thinking about?
Star jumps up in the air?
Yellow New York taxi's?
Young OTT students dancing on cars?
or Leg warmers !!!
I knew it! all along you have been singing along thinking of legwarmers :)

Luckily for us we have had the chance to review new Huggalugs Legruffles ... Legruffles are legwarmers knitted with a cotton blend yarn, giving a soft, flowing feel to the final finish. Made with 75% Cotton 23% Spandex and 2% Elastane they are very stretchy but also very soft.

You can use them in a variety of ways, for example they are a great way to protect a tiny dancer’s legs from the cold, show off that beautiful set of bloomers or to match perfectly with this season’s hottest pettiskirts! We have used them to tuck Emma's jeans into her boots, cover up her legs when wearing her Halloween outfit, show off to the kids down the road and generally look fashionable.

Emma (age 8) received a pair of 'So Pink' fuchsia Legruffles but they also come in 'Vanilla Cream' cream, 'Smitten Kitten' baby pink and 'Funky Black' black.

Now Emma likes dancing around the house like a loony so the Legruffles were instantly the best thing since sliced bread, they were 'amazing' and 'funky', also "Wait till Beth see's these she is gonna be sooooooo jealous!" ... I got the feeling that Emma really really likes them :)

You can also wear Legruffles on your arms, Emma says that they are really warm, soft and comfortable and she prefers them on her arms rather than her legs.

Allisia (13 months) came to visit, for lunch I gave her a sandwich and some cheesy puffballs ... nice idea except she was wearing some lovely white jeans. Knowing that my sister-in-law wouldn't be impressed with orange stained jeans, we popped the Legruffles on Allisia to cover her trousers ... they did the job and she looked cool :)

They also worked well to catch her as Allisia is just starting to run, well I think she is trying to walk but once she gets going she cannot stop - the Huggalug Legruffles protected her legs when she toppled over, especially on our hard kitchen floor.

Legruffles are sized to fit babies and kids, they stretch that much that they even fit me! Although as with Emma they are better on my arms than on my legs.

If you need to wash them (like I will as ours are covered in cheesy puffs) you can hand wash them in cold water - however do not tumble dry them as apparently they shrink! So just pop them on the line or over a cool radiator to dry off.

I can't see them lasting a long long time if worn a lot, they are quite thin and not particularly hard wearing. They aren't really an 'everyday' wear so for parties and special occasions I see no problem with the quality.

Huggalugs Legruffles are available now to order from select retailers only.

For more information please contact:
UK: sales@cn-sales.co.uk

Australia & other international : info@huggalugs.com.au
USA/CAN: huggalugs@aol.com
FR: contact@huggalugs.fr
ZA: ally@4akid.co.za
FI: info@pompoli.net


Our rating: 7/10

29 Oct 2009

Patak's - Oven Bake Easy Biryani

Patak's - Oven Bake Easy Biryani

I was asked to try Patak's new oven bake range and I was very excited at testing it, I quickly scanned the instructions and skipped off to Tesco to buy some chicken and rice.

Now if you ever meet me in the flesh you will see that I enjoy my food ;) I especially like tasty food that is full of flavour without being too spicy. With the jar stating 'Medium and Aromatic' I knew I was onto a winner with the whole family as even Emma likes a good curry now and again.

So there I was in my kitchen looking like a contestant on Ready Steady Cook, I even wore an apron to look authentic and away I chopped .... 2 chicken breasts thinly sliced (chopping board and knife straight into the sink to avoid contamination - hands washed).

I found my largest oven ready pan with lid and put it onto the hob ... splashed in a little olive oil and gently browned the chicken for a few minutes.

All was going well, I read the instructions clearly printed on the side of the jar as I cooked and followed them exactly (which is odd for me as I normally pretend to be a great cook, throw in some extras and generally muck it all up!).

Next step was to add in the jar of Patak's Biryani Sauce, "easy-peasy-biryani" I did that added a drop of water to the empty jar gave it a shake and made sure every single drop of sauce was in my oven dish.

Then horror of horrors struck .. the recipe on the jar states 'Basmati Rice' and I had brought 'Long Grain' !! What could I do? surely you don't have to use the exact products do you? So I weighed 150g of long grain rice and tipped it 'uncooked' into my chicken and sauce. You have to add in 4tbsp of water so I measured it with my tablespoon set (that only gets used on special occasions) bunged it in ... gave it all a big stir and put it back onto the heat.

After a minute the mixture began to bubble, after stirring well I put the lid on and popped it into the oven to cook through (35 minutes as stated on the jar).

Now I have a fan oven so I set the temperature a little lower and checked my fabulous smelling Indian meal after 20 minutes, good job I did as I needed to add a little more water (and give it a good stir). As I used Long Grain I cannot comment as to whether the amount of water stated on the jar is correct for Basmati Rice, so if you do substitute ingredients please do so at your own families taste-bud risk and check cooking regularly.

Well well well after 30 minutes (fan ovens cook quicker) it was ready! The rice was fluffy, the chicken fell apart it was so thoroughly cooked and the whole dish smelt divine.

We served our medium aromatic biryani dish with Patak's Mini Nan Bread (grilled for a few minutes to warm through). Everyone loved it - even Emma (age 8).
My Dad had come round for his dinner and he tucked into it, the jar states 'serves 2-3' but we easily got 3 adult portions and 1 child from the jar ... with added nan bread we all had a good sized portion.

Great for busy mums as you just throw it all in the pan and put it in the oven - no mucking about!

Patak's also have different levels of spice available: Mild & Fruity and Hot & Spicy. A level of spice to suit all tastes.


Family rating: 9/10 .. but next time I will buy the correct rice ;)

27 Oct 2009

Earth Baby Organics

Earth Baby - Organic Baby Products

EARTH BABY ORGANICS is not just another organic baby care line. It is as special as your baby’s needs. They use their own OleoSpheres™ technology. This amazing technology was awarded the Frost & Sullivan Technology of the Year Award in the personal care category.

Earth Baby kindly sent me some products to review including Tiny Bubble Baby Shampoo, Cuddle Soft Baby Lotion, Soothe 'N Comfort Diaper Rash Cream and a gorgeous Cosmetic Bag.

I'll start with the cosmetic bag, first impression was 'wow its huge!' ... but it isn't huge ?? Priced at $13.50 this is a well made double skinned padded bag.

Suitable for carrying baby bits around or for your own cosmetics it is spacious and sturdy. I have zipped the zip back and forth and not once has the fabric got caught in it (which is what normally happens to me).

The cosmetic bag isn't waterproof but it is made from a very tight weave cotton, I am presuming that you could wash this bag in your washing machine (low heat - gentle wash) as it seems very hardy.

I am impressed as all 3 full size products fit inside and it is still small enough to put into your hand luggage.

The Soothe 'N Comfort Diaper Rash Cream is a really good handbag sized tube. Good quality packaging and closure means no worries about leakage in your bag.

The Diaper Rash Cream has a soothing sensation. The all-natural zinc-based cream heals, protects and prevents diaper rash. Soothing oat protein, comforts irritated skin and leaves a protective barrier that is bacteria-free. A touch of rosemary has little bottoms smelling fresh and clean.

What I like about it is the texture of the cream, it is thick but rubs in easily - you could even use this as hand cream if you have very sore dry hands (although I would suggest it to be an overnight treatment). Being light it is quite oily and leaves a slight shimmer on the skin.

Soothe 'N Comfort Diaper Rash Cream doesn't smell like typical 'bum creams', it doesn't smell clinical as the fragrance contains Chamomile Oil, Lavender Oil and Vanilla. However it does smell 'oily' which is hard to describe.

Priced at $13.00 for 2oz/57 grammes it is a good priced for a quality product that is hypoallergenic and phthalate free.

Tiny Bubble Baby Shampoo reminds me of holidays! Why? I don't actually know ?? I think the fragrance reminds me of a posh suntan lotion that I once used (you know one of those pricey brands). Again the fragrance contains Chamomile Oil, Lavender Oil and Vanilla, but this smells delicious and not oily like the diaper cream.

Anyhow ... the shampoo runs easily out of the bottle which has its good and bad points: Good because if you are washing babies hair it is easier to dispense onto babies hair without having to squeeze. Bad if you are heavy handed (like me) as you end up with far too much shampoo, plus also if the bottle falls over it runs everywhere.

You only need a small amount of Tiny Bubbles Baby Shampoo, it foams nicely forming lovely smooth white bubbles and washes out just as easily. Hair felt clean and conditioned and my hands felt very soft and silky.

Being tear free is great as if you accidentally get the suds into babies eyes then they are easily washed with clean cool water without much screaming involved. Psssttt.... you can also use the shampoo to wash your dog, doggy comes out clean and shiny with a lovely coat and doesn't have sore eyes!

Priced at $15.00 for 6 fl oz / 177ml it is a fair price for a good well balanced product.

Cuddle Soft Baby Lotion is again very light, a little goes a long way and your skin smells divine.

Again the fragrance is familiar and matches the shampoo and diaper cream. The lotion soaks into the skin easily and doesn't leave baby feeling slimy or filmy. Skin feels cool to the touch and refreshed. Good for mum too as my hands feel lovely and silky, again without that sticky slimy feeling.

Containing a moisture-rich blend of cocoa butter, essential oils of chamomile, vanilla, and honey the lotion takes the joy of snuggling to a whole new level.

Priced at $16.50 for 6 fl oz / 177ml it is quite pricey but a little does go a long way and so one bottle will last quite a while.

You can find more Earth Baby Organic products and information on their website: http://www.earthbaby-organics.com/

I like their range, you know that all products are organic and there are no 'added nastys' being put onto your babies skin. Suitable for all babies even your newborn.

My rating: 9/10

Earth Baby Organics is a USA company based in Beverly Hills, CA 90210

20 Oct 2009

EasyReach Magnetic Spice Rack

EasyReach Magnetic Spice Rack

The most positive point about this product is the idea .. its original, handy, space saving and easy to use. I like the way the packets are easy to see so that you don't forget you have them (say goodbye to finding dusty posts of mixed herbs at the back of your cupboard), re-ordering is simple and you can plan your meals by seeing what spices you have available.

What puts me off is the price. For a sticky strip of magnet 60cm long and 5cm wide and 6 magnets (although they are quite strong) costs £10.95, personally I feel this is a little pricey.

However ... the spices can be purchased in teaspoon sized packs, which is a brilliant idea! these cost 59p-69p each which isn't bad as the ingredients are fresh and you would only purchase what you require (saves on wastage). http://www.thespicery.com/pages/spices_menu/spices_choice.html

The idea is to stick the magnetic strip inside your kitchen cupboard, then use the magnets to hold the spices onto the strip, as they are inside the cupboard they are out of sunlight and you can easily see what spices you have in stock and what you need to purchase. Simply spicy!

With nearly 200 ingredients in single-use teaspoon sized packs you will be spoilt for choice, plus they sell recipe kits too which sound really tasty. http://www.thespicery.com/pages/recipe_kits/world_kitchen_recipe_kits.htm

For more information please visit: http://www.thespicery.com/index.html

My rating: 6/10

femfresh Intimate Hygiene Wipes

femfresh natural balance intimate hygiene wipes

This morning Andy said to me "What are you up to today then love?" and I replied "I'm reviewing fanny wipes!" ... he looked at me oddly, shrugged his shoulders and went to work.

I like these wipes, they are pocket sized, flushable, freshening and give you a lovely fresh feeling after use. At certain times when ladies need a little extra to feel clean and fresh, femfresh wipes tick all the boxes.

Dermatologically and gynaecologically tested these wipes are suitable for everyday use. They are PH-balanced and hypoallergenic, the gentle cleansing formula contains extracts of soothing white water lily and naturally anti-bacterial calendula. All good stuff!!

The sachet packaging is plain white with the femfresh logo, very plain so if you do accidentally drop your bag in the middle of a shopping centre no-one will know what they are (basically they look like the wipes you use for washing your hands).

Each wipe isn't huge, but the fabric used is quite stretchy. Even though they are smaller than your average wet wipe they are quite damp and leave a softening film on the skin.

Fresh fragranced, fresh feeling - a perfect product.
RRP: £2.30 for 16 individual wipes
Available from all major supermarkets and high street chemists.

My rating: 8/10

Sterimar Isotonic Nasal Hygiene

Sterimar Isotonic Nasal Hygiene

This product is an odd one ... why? because I don't totally see the point of it.
100% natural sea water microdiffusion spray : sounds really posh ;) the bottle looks quite clinically funky, great illustrations on the bottle and box, very nice .... but basically its a bottle of sea water that you squirt up your nose ???

Now I like swimming, I do like to swim in the sea as long as the waters clear and I can see the bottom. I am terrified of crabs (the ones in the sea you dirty minded folk!) and last Easter when in Egypt I stood terrified in the sea for an hour as a tropical fish kept circling me and I thought it was a piranha .... but I don't like getting the sea water in my ears or up my nose!! which is exactly what this product does ?? hmmmm.

So what does it do? Sterimar can help relieve nasal congestion associated with sinusitis, blocked nose, colds, hayfever, allergies and for nasal cleansing. It is a pure sea water spray that gently moisturises and clears nasal passages to help relieve nasal congestion. You can use it on the whole family - even babies.

Each 100ml bottle holds 300 uses, it is drug free and has no preservatives. According to my research Sterimar is made from pure sea water, which is collected in St. Malo Bay (France), 15 miles from the coast, at a minimum depth of 5 meters. These waters are monitored by an independent regulatory authority to ensure sanitary standards. It is then filtered and sterilised- diluted to 1/3, which makes it isotonic (appropriate for the human body). Sea water has the added benefit of containing various naturally occurring trace elements, many of which have been shown to have antiseptic (silver & zinc), anti-inflammatory (copper) or anti-allergic (manganese) properties.

So .. they do put a lot of thought and work into it.

Now I have an inner ear infection and so I haven't tested this product myself, I asked Emma to try it and she refused, so I chased Andy round the house shouting "Oh go on let me squirt it up your nose!" ... his reply I unfortunately cannot post here - but when he is asleep one night I'll attack him and post back ;)

Nair - Exfoliating Hair Removal Cream

Nair Exfoliating Hair Removal Cream

I think this product is a brilliant idea, now I don't know about you but when I use hair removal cream I end up having to scrub it off in the shower (with a body puff) which then makes my legs sting and burn after. I also find that before I put the cream on my legs are so hairy that I cannot exfoliate and so my 'after' legs still look all scabby and manky with dry patches.

Well I will be hairy no longer! Plus my legs will be as smooth as a peach as Nair have brought out a hair removing cream with added exfoliater .... hair removingly brilliant !!

Nair Exfoliating Hair Removal Cream works in 3 ways: you smooth is on as with other Nair hair removal cream, leave for 5 minutes (max 10 minutes) and then wash away. As you wash tiny grains gently exfoliate while a built-in moisturiser moisturises your skin.

Always read the label - Nair is dermatologically tested but its always best to do a small skin test first in case of reaction.

So with new smooth moisturised legs for up to 7 days ... get that party dress on and show off your legs this party season!!

RRP: £4.99-£5.90 depending on retailer.
Available from all major supermarkets and high street chemists.

My rating: 10/10

17 Oct 2009

simplehuman - Sensor Soap Pump

simplehuman: Touch-Free Sensor Soap Pump
At South Staffordshire College we have a newly built 'Independent Living Skills' Log Cabin on site to teach our SLDD students how to care for themselves and to learn new skills. We teach everything from how to cook to how to make a bed, it is amazing sometimes the skills that we take for granted that others require help to achieve.

Outside the ILS Log Cabin

The kitchen and main teaching area

simplehuman asked us to review some of their 'Touch-free sensor soap pumps' in our kitchen and bathroom areas. Obviously for privacy reasons I cannot post photos of the students using them but from my photos you can see the dispensers in action.

Kitchen sink

I placed the 14 fl oz black bodied unit in the kitchen area, it was great as the light blinks for 20 seconds so you know how long to ideally wash your hands for ... great when cleaning students hands before a cookery class!
The students loved the idea that everything was instant, you wave your hand under the spout and soap appears in your hand.

We loved the fact that no germs were put onto the unit before cleaning and that the dispenser automatically gave the correct amount of hand soap (we have known students to fill their hands with it then have to spend 10 minutes trying to wash it off again).

The soap volume can be adjusted (1-2 for most liquid hand soaps, 3-4 for thicker soap or lotion) we found that number 1 was fine and gave a good amount.

The only problem we had with the black 14 fl oz unit is that the sensor is at the bottom, the students always put their hands to the spout so missing the sensor, luckily there is a continuous dispensing button on the top that the lecturer could push to help the soap 'magically' appear.

Bathroom sink

Bathroom area (totally accessible for students with mobility difficulties)
I placed the silver 8 fl oz dispenser into the bathroom area. This bathroom is a working disabled toilet but it is used to teach cleaning (the toilet, bath, shower isn't used for toileting or personal use). However the sink is used to wash hands and we have a hand dryer for drying after.

Again everyone loved the soap dispenser and this design was a lot more user friendly. With the sensor next to the elongated spout it means the soap comes out as the students hands are placed underneath it. We also liked the auto on/off switch as unless the unit is placed on a flat surface - no soap comes out, this is a great safety function.

Black 14fl oz dispenser £34.99
simplehuman's Facebook page

South Staffordshire College SLDD Dept would like to thank simplehuman for their support.

Bambino Merino - Baby Sleeping Bag

Bambino Merino - Baby Sleeping Bag

Bambino Merino garments are made from 100% natural pure marino wool and ooooh is it soft!

I have looked at baby sleeping bags in the shops before and have never really fallen in love with the idea of them, until now .... obviously its all down to quality.

Previous examples in the supermarket have felt thin and cheap because to put it simply - they were, but the Bambino Merino sleeping bag that I have in front of me right now is totally the opposite!

The fabric is so thick it feels as if it is layered, but it isn't .. it is a single layer. The softness inside and out is lovely, so soft it feels warm to touch. Unlike synthetics the merino wool breathes and so allows your babies skin to breathe. The merino fibres create a microclimate around baby's body, circulating and trapping air as required to regulate temperature throughout the night.

I would think this is how adult sleeping bags work, now I am not talking about the cheapy ones you buy for camping with the kids, I am thinking about the posh ones that they use when in the Arctic or professional climbers who tackle mountains!

The Bambino Merino sleeping bag can be used all year round, the wool adapts to the conditions keeping baby comfortable. During cooler times (17-19*c) dress baby in a long sleeve merino bodysuit or vest and long sleeve merino sleepsuit/pyjamas. Then as the nights get cooler again swap to short sleeve (20-23*c) until Summer when baby can just wear a bodysuit/vest or even just their nappy!
(All babies are different, so please only use the above temperatures as a guide)

Merino wool fibres are naturally odour resistant, but babies can give off a bit of a pong (well they do!) and so Bambino Merino recommend unzipping and airing the sleeping bags over the side of the cot when not in use. This of course will freshen the sleeping bag ready for baby to sleep in again at night - it will be like having fresh clean covers on every night (oooh the thought of clean covers nightly, I'd love that!).

Washing couldn't be easier: Bambino Merino Sleeping Bags are machine washable but please no hotter than 40*c. You can also tumble dry on a low heat.

The sleeping bags seem quite pricey at £49.95 but remember you don't need to buy different togs (like other brands).

The baby sleeping bags also fit from 2-3 months right through to 2 years of age. Simply close the poppers at the armholes to adjust the sizing for smaller babies.

For more information and other Bambino Merino products please visit:

The Bambino Merino Baby Sleeping Bag is available in 4 colours: Sage/Ivory, Sky/Ivory, Petal/Ivory and Sand/Ivory. They are great as a baby gift as the Sage and Sand styles are neutral colours.

Each bag comes packed in its own matching travel bag ready for holidays and visits to grandparents (giving Mum & Dad a possible night off).

Safety note: Never use a baby sleeping bag with a quilt or duvet.

Voted Best Buy by Practical Parenting Magazine.
My rating: 9/10

BabyAid Compact - First Aid Kit

BabyAid Compact - First Aid Kit

All I can say is WOW! I have to admit that this product has amazed me ... why? because it is literally brilliant.

When I first saw the BabyAid Compact I commented to my husband about how nice the zip-up bag was, it is colourful and really sturdy. It is made from really thick tough waterproof rubber and so is excellent for a first-aid kit, I also believe that it will last a very long time.

Then I opened it ..... my mouth dropped with amazement as inside it is like a tardis!
The BabyAid Compact First Aid Kit isn't your normal kit, it contains nearly everything you would ever need in a minor first aid emergency (obviously in a major emergency you would contact the emergency services, never hesitate if someone requires medical attention).

BabyAid Compact contains 33 items and still has space for you to add some of your own. Dimensions are 15cm x 10cm x 5cm.
The kit contains :
3 x Burnshield Burnblott Sachets
1 x Non adherent absorbent dressing 10cm x 10cm
1 x Conforming bandage 5cm x 4m
1 x Blunt first aid scissors
1 x Adhesive tape 1,25cm x 5m
1 x Sterile Eyewash/Woundwash pod 20ml
3 x Disposable Traxit children's thermometers
4 x Alcohol free cleansing wipes
2 x 4cm x 4cm hypoallergenic plasters
1 x 6cm x 7cm hypoallergenic plasters
8 x Children's fun hypoallergenic plasters
6 x Brave Little Star Stickers
1 x How to make it better-Guidance leaflet
1 x What is it all for-Directions for use leaflet

The disposable thermometers are great, you peel off the backing and stick it to the skin on the side of the body deep in the armpit (just below the crease). They are sticky enough to stay on the skin for up to 2 days! while being totally non-toxic and hypoallergenic.
You can then take the temperature your child by gently lifting their arm, so midnight temperature checks can be taken without disturbing your child. You have to wait 2-3 minutes for the initial reading but from then on each reading is instant and up to date.

Another great product in the pack is the Burnshield Burn Blott Sachets . They create an immediate effect for burns, scalds and sunburn (until further treatment can be sort). The sachets create a protective barrier to help prevent the burn damaging healthly tissue.

It is great to see Micropore Tape being added into a First-Aid Kit. I am allergic to plasters (the waterproof ones) and so I have to use either fabric plasters or a dressing held on by Micropore Tape. So I am really pleased that a company has thought of including it into their kit.

The kit also contains Alcohol FREE Cleansing Wipes, yes your read that correctly - they are alcohol free. The wipes will clean and soothe cuts and grazes without you having to worry about the nastiness of the alcohol type.

Hidden deep at the bottom of a pocket is an eyewash/woundwash pod. Its a plastic pouch full of a sterile solution ready for cleaning, you just snap off the top and tip the fluid onto the area that needs cleaning - brilliant!

Along with all the amazing first aid products the kit also contains a small booklet with advice directly from the British Red Cross about unconsciousness, CPR, choking, burns and loads more. A great handy guide which you can refer to to refresh your first aid skills or learn something new.

I am really really impressed with the BabyAid Compact First Aid Kit, honestly that amount of products contained inside is incredible as each and every one has been thought about. This isn't your normal 'run of the mill' first aid kit - it has been designed with children, mums and families in mind.

To purchase a pack and for more information visit: http://www.babyaid.co.uk/home
BabyAid Compacts £14.99

You can also buy extra's to put in your pack or to refill when you use something: http://www.babyaid.co.uk/shop/category/5/
I would suggest adding in some gloves as if its a stranger bleeding from a cut it is always best to cover your hands if you are treating them.

My rating: A very well deserved 10/10 !!


These easy-to-take caplets are made with natural fibre and offer an optional B vitamins and folic acid supplement, which is great news for your heart health.

Benefiber can help maintain your digestive health by increasing your fibre intake as part of a healthy, varied and well balanced diet and active lifestyle.

Basically .... are you having a bit of trouble in the *whispers* Poo Department? Bit sluggish and constipated? Well you probably need a little more fibre in your diet to help your body get back to normal.

Benefibre are caplets that you can take twice a day, it is recommended that you take 3 caplets at a time with water as each caplet contains 3 grammes of dietary fibre.

If you are pregnant or unsure about your bowel condition, please consult your doctor first - as with all supplements and vitamin type products, not all are suited for everyone.

Benefiber is a supplement and should be consumed with a healthy diet, it is not a substitute it works with your food intake and body to give your body extra fibre.

15 Oct 2009

Johnson and Johnson's ‘Clean and Clear Advantage Spot Control Kit'

Johnson and Johnson's

‘Clean and Clear Advantage Spot Control Kit'

Johnson and Johnson’s Clean and Clear have this month launched ‘Clean and Clear Advantage Spot Control Kit’. This is a new solution for girls with spots. A clinical study found that 100% of trialists reported improvements in just one day*. The current campaign is aimed at educating girls about this new and amazingly effective 3-step routine from Clean & Clear Kit!

*Results from a clinical study performed on the spot treatment gel on 30 subjects


So whats included??

Spot Control Cleanser:

Fast acting technology; deep cleanses to help prevent spots. 1st step to your “spot-fighting routine”is the powerful daily cleanser to help fight multiple causes of spots. This facial wash goes beyond just cleansing skin to unblock pores by removing trapped dirt and oil.

Directions: Apply to wet face and gently massage, avoiding eye area. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

Caution: For external use only. Recommended for use no more than once daily. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, immediately flush with water. Discontinue use if skin irritation develops. Keep out of reach of children

Spot Control Moisturiser:

Helps fight and prevent spots. makes skin soft and smooth The 2nd step to your “spot-fighting routine” is the daily Spot Control Moisturiser.This oil-free moisturiser is enriched with a unique combination of spot fighting ingredients, and with daily use, helps to prevent spots whilst moisturising to leave skin soft and smooth all day long.

Directions: Use daily after cleansing. Cover the entire affected area with a thin layer one to three times daily.

Caution: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, immediately flush with water. Discontinue use if skin irritation develops. Keep out of reach of children.

Fast Clearing Spot Treatment Gel:

Helps reduce spots in 4 hours!

Directions: Clean the skin thoroughly before applying the invisible gel directly on the spot, one to three times daily.

Caution: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, immediately flush with water. Discontinue use if skin irritation develops. Keep out of reach of children.

How much is it ??

Only £12 for the whole set !!

For more information and advice about skincare routines please visit: http://www.clean-and-clear.co.uk/

My rating: 9/10

"Spot the Spot" to have the chance to
win £50 of TopShop Vouchers competition:

13 Oct 2009

Vital Eyes - Eye Drops

Vital Eyes - Eye Drops
Tiredness, smoky atmospheres, computer screens and air conditioning can leave eyes looking dull and feeling irritated, uncomfortable and dried out.

Suitable for everyday use .. Vital Eyes eye drops can put the sparkle and moisture back into your eyes!

Liquid drops in a tiny bottle that can be kept discreetly in your handbag or pocket, are suitable for daily use whenever you feel you need them. You only require one or two drops so you don't have to worry about your make-up running down your cheeks or looking like a startled rabbit for the next hour.

The Brightening drops add sparkle to your eyes, great if you are off out down the pub *wink wink* to add a little sparkle to your outfit .... you never know who's heart you could twinkle ;) (works with current partners too).

The Moisturising drops refresh your eyes when you need it most, drop in a couple of drops when you get that scratchy feeling before you start to rub them and look all scarily red eyed. Great for late nights at the office, or after a long hard day ... a bit of a treat for your peepers.

Do not use if you are wearing contact lenses.
Discard after 1 month of opening.

Available from most major supermarkets and chemists on the high street and online.
10ml bottles: RRP £3.10-£3.50 depending on retailer

My rating 8/10

Savlon Advanced Healing Gel

Savlon Advanced Healing Gel

For the treatment of minor burns and small wounds.
The Gel is a hydroactive colloid that creates a moist healing environment.
Helps to speed up healing and reduce scarring.
Cools to relieve pain.
Use on many types of wound - dry or moist, sores, grazes or open cuts.
Use for minor burns or scalds and even severe sunburn.
50g Plastic screw-top tube.

I must admit, I am really impressed with Savlon's new Healing Gel. It soaks in almost instantly where as the old 'magic cream' Savlon used to spread thinner and thinner until you were covered in it. The packaging looks up-to-date and quite fashionable, plus being a plastic tube you know that it isn't going to leak everywhere.

The actual gel is slightly white in colour, I would have preferred it to be clear as I think it looks a little like glue ... but as long as it does the job then I don't suppose it matters.

Emma likes it - at present she has a sore nose from having flu, teamed with child acne her nose is quite raw from constantly wiping it. Emma says that Savlon Healing Gel doesn't make her nose sting when she puts some on, plus it feels really cool like someone is blowing cold air onto her nose. The soreness is going down which is brilliant as I normally struggle to find a product that she willingly will rub into her nose.

The gel has no nasty fragrance, infact it smells of nothing! You can use it almost anywhere (external) but please remember to clean any cuts or scrapes before use. Please Note - Do not apply the gel to the wound if an infection is present or the wound is weeping.

Did you know that a wound heals faster if it is moist?
I didn't! I always thought that you should 'let the air get to it' to make a wound scab over. Apparently this isn't so ... it is better to keep a wound moist but clean, Savlon Advanced Healing Gel is brilliant to use underneath a plaster or bandage to keep the area moist while the plaster keeps it clean.

Changed regularly your 'poorly' will heal quicker and will probably leave less of a scar (depending on depth and size of cut) than the 'old fashioned' way.

Only one problem to this .... little boys won't have a scab to pick off and chase their sisters with ;)

RRP: £3.99 available from most major supermarkets and chemists.
My rating 9/10

11 Oct 2009

Savlon Day Out First Aid Kit

Savlon Day Out First Aid Kit

You just know its going to happen .. its like Mum's can see into the future, picture the scene: Your little one happily skipping along the pavement, then running a bit, then skipping, then tripping, then screaming! Happened to you? you immediately tell them off for running/skipping :) dig in your pocket for a nearly clean tissue and mop up the scrapes and blood (as this will have to do until you get home).

Well now your children can trip up and cut their knees (hands and chins) as much as they like as Savlon have brought out a mini Day Out First Aid Kit, how cool it that!

This handy Savlon Day Out First Aid Kit provides essential first aid items for minor cuts and grazes. The convenient size means it fits easily into your bag or pocket making it ideal to take on holiday, on days out or to keep in the car, so you’ll always be prepared for those little emergencies.

The canvas zip locked kit contains 2 x Savlon Cleansing Wipes with Antiseptic, Savlon Antiseptic Cream (15g), 4 x Savlon fabric plasters, a money off coupon and a specially created 'Savlon Little Guide to First Aid'.

Plus in the mini bag there is room to add bits and pieces of your own should your children need it (eg.. a spare asthma inhaler, prescribed medication or a couple of headache tablets for you ready for mid-afternoon).

Available from Boots, Pharmacies and major supermarkets RRP: £3.50-£4.00

For more information please visit: http://www.savlon.co.uk/products/firstaid_kits.html

My rating: 9/10

10 Oct 2009

Quash - 100% Natural Hand Sanitiser


Quash is a patented* formulation of 100% natural ingredients lab-proven to kill the toughest of germs & viruses without the need for soap or water.
Quash kills 99.9% of harmful germs, it contains 100% natural ingredients (alcohol/chemical free). Quash is alcohol free so won’t dry and crack your hands, its topped full of vitamins & minerals to moisturise & nourish skin and best of all its made in the UK!

Contents include: Manuka Honey, Liquid Vitamin C, White Willow Bark, Aloe Vera, Zinc, Radish Root, White Tea, Lavender & Lime Essential Oils. All natural products, some with healing properties but combined together to create an essential cleaning product to combat against germs.

Is Quash effective against Swine Flu?
Yes. Quash has been tested against the Swine Flu strain of influenza A virus H1N1 and is proven to neutralise the virus in controlled lab tests. Tested to EN 14476: 2007
The Medicines & Health Care Products Regulatory Agency does not currently allow makers of hand sanitisers to make claims against specific types of germs for fear consumers will think it’s a guaranteed prevention of illness. As hand contact is not the only way germs can be spread, no hand sanitiser can make that kind of guarantee.
Following recent guidelines issued by Alan Johnson, Secretary of State for Health, washing your hands regularly is the single most effective way of protecting yourself from illness. Quash is one of your best alternatives when soap and water are not available.

How many uses are there per bottle of Quash?
There are 250 sprays per 50ml bottle and 75 sprays per 15ml.

I received Quash Moisturising Hand Sanitiser and Quash 100% Natural Hand Sanitiser to test, my first impressions of the bottles were good, they are a great size for popping in your pocket or handbag so use when out and about.
For my lifestyle I like to use hand cleaners at work, working within a Special Needs Department I have to be careful of transfers of germs and controlling illnesses due to my students medical problems, a simple cold to me could be fatal to one of my students.

Quash fitted in neatly into my work bag and as its provided in a tough little bottle - I knew I had no worries about leakage.

Alcohol gel is good but I find it dries out my hands and feels sticky if I accidentally use too much. Quash is a spray, 2 sprays is enough to clean both hands (palms and backs) effectively. It is a water spray more than a gel or cream and so is quite simple to cover all surfaces of your hands. Quash dries quickly and leaves no sticky after feeling, infact even though one product states 'moisturising' both types of spray left my hands feeling soft and silky.

Quash has a fine lavender fragrance, its not too much and does linger on your hands for a while after use. Its quite a fresh clean fragrance which is nice, it reminds me of clean linen but I think that's because I use a lavender fragranced washing powder ;)

You can buy Quash at most supermarkets and some high street stores in the UK. Please see Quash website for more information: http://www.quashme.com/where-to-find-quash.html

I like it, its simple to use and works.

My rating 10/10 !!

Firefly Tonic Drinks

Firefly Tonic Drinks
Natural Healthy Energy
Life's short, and to get the most out of it, we need energy. Lots of it. But we want to stay healthy too.
Firefly tonics contain natural energising ingredients, in a delicious, healthy drink.
They work with herbal experts to find natural formulas that work - right now.
Firefly say NO to sugar and artificial ingredients. Fundamental.
And the result: Firefly Tonics. Healthy drinks that give you natural energy - fast!

Firefly Tonics are available in 40 countries which is pretty amazing as they are a relatively small company.
To find your nearest stockist please visit: http://www.fireflytonics.com/our-drinks/where-to-get-firefly/

Each drink is in a 330ml glass bottle, the bottle is a very smooth shape and is covered completely with a plastic coloured wrapper. I found the tops quite hard to initially open as they are quite slim and you need a firm grip.
All Firefly tonics are still fruit juices with added herbal extracts, they can be consumed at any time of day. All Firefly tonics are best consumed cold.

I tried the following Firefly Tonic flavours: Wake Up, Detox, Recharge and Sharpen Up ... and all were gorgeous :)

(Red) Wake up is flavoured with Peach and Green Tea, the drink actually contains Peaches, red grapes, white grapes, green tea, mate and kola. It was smooth with a little after kick of peach. Containing only 106 calories per bottle, one bottle was enough to refresh me and it did indeed wake me up a little.

(Orange) Detox is flavoured with Lemon, Lime and Ginger, the drink also contains nettles and burdock to help clear your head. The lemon and lime give the drink a zesty kick followed by a punch of ginger. It was tasty and although I was a bit dubious about drinking nettles ... I couldn't taste them one bit (even though I don't know what they taste like in the first place). 113 calories per bottle.

(Silver) Recharge is a blend of Pomegranate, Lime and Elderflower. Extra ingredients include kola nut and chilli. I must admit that this blend was my favourite, it was smooth and refreshing but had a slight fiery aftertaste that was very pleasant. 98 calories per bottle.

(Green) Sharpen Up contains Grapefruit and Passionfruit. This flavour was my least favourite as I am not a big fan of grapefruit and it is quite punchy with the sharpness of grapefruit. However it is refreshing and clears your pallet causing your to literally 'sharpen up'. 110 calories per bottle.

I was very impressed with Firefly Tonic Drinks, the design of the bottles are striking, the flavours are refreshing and ingredients healthy. Each bottle retails are between £1.50 and £2.00 a bottle, which for the ingredients and healthy properties this is quite a reasonable price.
My rating: 8/10

9 Oct 2009

A Quarter Of ... The Old Fashioned Sweet Shop

A Quarter Of ... The Best Sweets Ever !!!

We like sweets :) any type of sweets, especially the old favorites.

My Nan & Grandad used to own a Newsagents, I spent Wednesday afternoons sat behind the counter eating White Chocolate Mice direct from the storage boxes hidden under the counter for the Penny Sweets Bags, to this day I blame my sweet tooth (and size 22 dress size) on those white mice but oh they were tasty!

When I discovered "A Quarter Of" my mouth started watering, I started to twitch and when my box of Halloween goodies arrived I was greatly annoyed when my husband Andy barged me out of the way shouting "Mine! The postman handed the box to me !!".

Squabbling aside there was enough in the box to feed an army of trick or treaters, so we went back to being civil to each other and dug into 250g of white mice, 250g of jelly Dracula fangs, 10 bags of fizz whizz, 250g of scary jelly skeletons and 250g of eyeballs (terror eyes).

Now please don't get me wrong ... its a lot of sweets and after stuffing ourselves silly for a good 10 minutes we put the rest back into the box for another day (to save ourselves from nasty results).

I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised, the sweets were all fresh, properly formed (no dodgy miss-shapes) and expertly packaged. On returning to the website the choice of sweets is immense ... they have so many to choose from that they have categorised them! Available to purchase are Boiled & Crunchy through to Choco Heaven, Gift Boxes and ready packed selections are available for all events (eg.. Birthday, Christmas, Halloween).

With Halloween coming up their Halloween section is gruesome (in a good way!) http://www.aquarterof.co.uk/gift-ideas-halloween-c-109_10001.html with 35 different Halloween themed sweets you'll have Trick Or Treaters queueing around the block to knock at your door.

For Birthdays children's party bags will be bulging with delicacy's http://www.aquarterof.co.uk/gift-ideas-party-bags-c-109_918.html

The shop also caters for Weddings with a selection of coloured themed wedding favours http://www.aquarterof.co.uk/gift-ideas-wedding-sweets-favours-c-109_9222.html brilliant !!

What attracts me most to 'A Quarter Of' is their Sugar Free, Gelatine Free and Gluten Free ranges ... they have something for everyone.
Please visit the site for more information and pricing in regards to shipping costs.

6 Oct 2009

Colour Buddy - Imagination Pictures

Colour Buddy - Imagination Pictures

Do you remember 'Wheres Wally?' the picture books with 'Wally' hidden in the picture somewhere?

Well now we have Colour Buddy ... different products that you can colour in with a list of objects to find within the picture .. you have to use your imagination as they are not always obvious!!

I have reviewed 2 poster style products:

Colour Buddy®™: The Imagination Poster game - Poster Size A1.
There are 58 pictures to find in this Colour Buddy®™ game. All these pictures can be found printed around the edge of the poster.

Colour Buddy®™: Imagination Geometric poster game - Poster Size A1.
There are 30 pictures to find in this Colour Buddy®™ game.

Could I find all the objects? Well urm ... I found a couple, then discovered that if I coloured them in as I found them it makes the discovery process a bit less tricky.
These posters are amazing, the detail that has been put into them is astounding. I was really impressed with that if you stand a few feet back from the images you can see yet more shapes and patterns forming ... they really do test your imagination.

I am planning on taking my posters into work (I work in a Higher Education College) for our staff room, you see the Colour Buddy products are not just for kids - they are for all ages.
I will warn you though, they can get obsessive! then you go bog-eyed and fall over, but its worth it.

New products will be available soon http://www.colourbuddy.co.uk/newproducts.html including a jigsaw piece game and also cards to send to friends or relatives.

On the Colour Buddy website you can 'try before you buy' with a FREE Download of a Colour Buddy poster http://www.colourbuddy.co.uk/download.html which is great, print off a couple of copies and see who can find the most objects first.

http://www.colourbuddy.co.uk/index.html Colour Buddy's come in a range of styles to suit all tastes. Please see the website for more information and prices.

Discovery Box Books

Discovery Box Books


Subscription service of books aimed at children aged 9-12 years. I am actually very impressed with how much information has been piled into a magazine style book, its not chunky and will easily fit into a schoolbag or side pocket of the car to read on the move.

Contents obviously vary per issue but our issue contained some great articles about History, Animals, Science (even Hubby liked this bit), The World and Sport. The articles are age related and are written to include understandable language for the 9-12 age range. Each page has informative information - but not too much! which is great as most children prefer to read bite-sized chunks than a while page of information.

A lot of the pages are coloured with the text printed on the top, there is a lot of white text on a coloured background which some children may find difficult to read. Also the font is quite small compared to the other books for younger readers. However the quality of the illustrations are very good and include a lot of photographs of relevance and interest to the subject.

With approx 15 pages of 'Funstuff' included this is an all-round magazine for young readers. Emma thought the information was 'just enough' and the fun pages interesting but not too tricky.

Emma's rating is 8/10 for information, with lost marks for the size of text for the younger age bracket.

A years subscription for Discover Box (10 issues) is £39.00 (UK) but please visit http://www.discoveryboxbooks.com/ for up-to-date prices and current offers.

Adventure Box Books

Adventure Box Books


This is a subscription magazine service providing chapterbooks full of stories, facts, games and other fun activities to encourage children to read.
Each type of books contents are geared around an age range, for the adventure books the ages are 6-9 year olds.

Each issue contains an exciting 44-page chapter story carefully chosen to encourage newly independent readers. The colour illustrations on every page engage children’s interest and ensure they will enjoy the challenge of reading on their own.

Full of stunning photos and fascinating scientific information about nature to compliment what your child could be learning at school written to the same level of understanding. These books could also be taken into school to show their teacher what they have been reading and learning at home (extra merit points for young learner :) ).

For fun the books contain two hilarious comic-strips with mischievous characters that children will love, plus games and quizzes to stimulate children’s literacy and reasoning skills in a fun way.

In the issue we read Emma found the type font really easy to see and read, the font was of a good size with black letters on a white/off white background. The illustrations reminded her of Roald Dahl books (Quentin Blake illustrations) which Emma thought was brilliant as they were not babyish but not too old for her. The story seemed to be quite funny as I could hear her chuckling away to herself whilst engaged in reading the story.

In the middle of the book there was the results of a recent competition, Emma commented that this was a good idea as she then knows what type of competitions are held and the level of entries that have won (ie.. good drawings or colouring skills for a colouring/poster competition).

She liked the puzzles but did complete them quite quickly, I had to remind her that the Adventure Box Book is for 6-9 year olds and as she is nearly 9 they could be quite simple for her at the top of the bracket.

Emma gives this issue of the series 8/10 as its colourful and interesting, but a little too simple for the higher age bracket.

Monthly/10 issues per year approx £39.00, please visit http://www.bayard-magazines.co.uk/ for more up-to-date pricings and current offers.

1 Oct 2009



During October Bodyform is set to be at the top of all savvy beauty addicts’ shopping lists. From the 12th, limited edition Bodyform packs will come with a free, deliciously gorgeous lip gloss from the Jemma Kidd Make Up School range.

Worth £10 each, these highly sought after limited edition lip glosses come in two stunning shades Orchid and Rose and are perfect for re-creating autumn’s hottest looks. Designed by Jemma Kidd, internationally renowned make-up artist and founder of one of London’s leading make up academies, her make-up range is based on the ethos of revealing a woman’s inner beauty.

For some confidence boosting make-up tips visit www.bodyform.co.uk
You can also submit your own tips for your chance to win a day’s make-up course at The Jemma Kidd Make Up school for you and a friend, plus a make-up hamper for you to take home.
Please note: The competition on http://www.bodyform.co.uk/ will not be live until the 12th Oct 2009.

Bodyform has always been committed to causes which support women, so as well as giving consumers a stunning lip gloss, the limited edition Bodyform packs will also feature useful information from The Eve Appeal, a charity which raises funds for research into gynaecological cancers.

Be sure to mark the 12th October in the diary so you don’t miss out on your Jemma Kidd Make Up School Lip Gloss, free with Bodyform.
The Bodyform Ultra towels range has a product for every woman: Ultra Normal with/without wings, Ultra Super with/without wings, and a specific night towel, Bodyform Goodnight and even towels for String underwear.
Visit www.bodyform.co.uk for more information.

The range is stocked in major supermarkets and pharmacies across the UK.