6 Oct 2009

Adventure Box Books

Adventure Box Books


This is a subscription magazine service providing chapterbooks full of stories, facts, games and other fun activities to encourage children to read.
Each type of books contents are geared around an age range, for the adventure books the ages are 6-9 year olds.

Each issue contains an exciting 44-page chapter story carefully chosen to encourage newly independent readers. The colour illustrations on every page engage children’s interest and ensure they will enjoy the challenge of reading on their own.

Full of stunning photos and fascinating scientific information about nature to compliment what your child could be learning at school written to the same level of understanding. These books could also be taken into school to show their teacher what they have been reading and learning at home (extra merit points for young learner :) ).

For fun the books contain two hilarious comic-strips with mischievous characters that children will love, plus games and quizzes to stimulate children’s literacy and reasoning skills in a fun way.

In the issue we read Emma found the type font really easy to see and read, the font was of a good size with black letters on a white/off white background. The illustrations reminded her of Roald Dahl books (Quentin Blake illustrations) which Emma thought was brilliant as they were not babyish but not too old for her. The story seemed to be quite funny as I could hear her chuckling away to herself whilst engaged in reading the story.

In the middle of the book there was the results of a recent competition, Emma commented that this was a good idea as she then knows what type of competitions are held and the level of entries that have won (ie.. good drawings or colouring skills for a colouring/poster competition).

She liked the puzzles but did complete them quite quickly, I had to remind her that the Adventure Box Book is for 6-9 year olds and as she is nearly 9 they could be quite simple for her at the top of the bracket.

Emma gives this issue of the series 8/10 as its colourful and interesting, but a little too simple for the higher age bracket.

Monthly/10 issues per year approx £39.00, please visit http://www.bayard-magazines.co.uk/ for more up-to-date pricings and current offers.

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