17 Oct 2009

Bambino Merino - Baby Sleeping Bag

Bambino Merino - Baby Sleeping Bag

Bambino Merino garments are made from 100% natural pure marino wool and ooooh is it soft!

I have looked at baby sleeping bags in the shops before and have never really fallen in love with the idea of them, until now .... obviously its all down to quality.

Previous examples in the supermarket have felt thin and cheap because to put it simply - they were, but the Bambino Merino sleeping bag that I have in front of me right now is totally the opposite!

The fabric is so thick it feels as if it is layered, but it isn't .. it is a single layer. The softness inside and out is lovely, so soft it feels warm to touch. Unlike synthetics the merino wool breathes and so allows your babies skin to breathe. The merino fibres create a microclimate around baby's body, circulating and trapping air as required to regulate temperature throughout the night.

I would think this is how adult sleeping bags work, now I am not talking about the cheapy ones you buy for camping with the kids, I am thinking about the posh ones that they use when in the Arctic or professional climbers who tackle mountains!

The Bambino Merino sleeping bag can be used all year round, the wool adapts to the conditions keeping baby comfortable. During cooler times (17-19*c) dress baby in a long sleeve merino bodysuit or vest and long sleeve merino sleepsuit/pyjamas. Then as the nights get cooler again swap to short sleeve (20-23*c) until Summer when baby can just wear a bodysuit/vest or even just their nappy!
(All babies are different, so please only use the above temperatures as a guide)

Merino wool fibres are naturally odour resistant, but babies can give off a bit of a pong (well they do!) and so Bambino Merino recommend unzipping and airing the sleeping bags over the side of the cot when not in use. This of course will freshen the sleeping bag ready for baby to sleep in again at night - it will be like having fresh clean covers on every night (oooh the thought of clean covers nightly, I'd love that!).

Washing couldn't be easier: Bambino Merino Sleeping Bags are machine washable but please no hotter than 40*c. You can also tumble dry on a low heat.

The sleeping bags seem quite pricey at £49.95 but remember you don't need to buy different togs (like other brands).

The baby sleeping bags also fit from 2-3 months right through to 2 years of age. Simply close the poppers at the armholes to adjust the sizing for smaller babies.

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The Bambino Merino Baby Sleeping Bag is available in 4 colours: Sage/Ivory, Sky/Ivory, Petal/Ivory and Sand/Ivory. They are great as a baby gift as the Sage and Sand styles are neutral colours.

Each bag comes packed in its own matching travel bag ready for holidays and visits to grandparents (giving Mum & Dad a possible night off).

Safety note: Never use a baby sleeping bag with a quilt or duvet.

Voted Best Buy by Practical Parenting Magazine.
My rating: 9/10
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