17 Oct 2009


These easy-to-take caplets are made with natural fibre and offer an optional B vitamins and folic acid supplement, which is great news for your heart health.

Benefiber can help maintain your digestive health by increasing your fibre intake as part of a healthy, varied and well balanced diet and active lifestyle.

Basically .... are you having a bit of trouble in the *whispers* Poo Department? Bit sluggish and constipated? Well you probably need a little more fibre in your diet to help your body get back to normal.

Benefibre are caplets that you can take twice a day, it is recommended that you take 3 caplets at a time with water as each caplet contains 3 grammes of dietary fibre.

If you are pregnant or unsure about your bowel condition, please consult your doctor first - as with all supplements and vitamin type products, not all are suited for everyone.

Benefiber is a supplement and should be consumed with a healthy diet, it is not a substitute it works with your food intake and body to give your body extra fibre.
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