6 Oct 2009

Discovery Box Books

Discovery Box Books


Subscription service of books aimed at children aged 9-12 years. I am actually very impressed with how much information has been piled into a magazine style book, its not chunky and will easily fit into a schoolbag or side pocket of the car to read on the move.

Contents obviously vary per issue but our issue contained some great articles about History, Animals, Science (even Hubby liked this bit), The World and Sport. The articles are age related and are written to include understandable language for the 9-12 age range. Each page has informative information - but not too much! which is great as most children prefer to read bite-sized chunks than a while page of information.

A lot of the pages are coloured with the text printed on the top, there is a lot of white text on a coloured background which some children may find difficult to read. Also the font is quite small compared to the other books for younger readers. However the quality of the illustrations are very good and include a lot of photographs of relevance and interest to the subject.

With approx 15 pages of 'Funstuff' included this is an all-round magazine for young readers. Emma thought the information was 'just enough' and the fun pages interesting but not too tricky.

Emma's rating is 8/10 for information, with lost marks for the size of text for the younger age bracket.

A years subscription for Discover Box (10 issues) is £39.00 (UK) but please visit http://www.discoveryboxbooks.com/ for up-to-date prices and current offers.

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