20 Oct 2009

EasyReach Magnetic Spice Rack

EasyReach Magnetic Spice Rack

The most positive point about this product is the idea .. its original, handy, space saving and easy to use. I like the way the packets are easy to see so that you don't forget you have them (say goodbye to finding dusty posts of mixed herbs at the back of your cupboard), re-ordering is simple and you can plan your meals by seeing what spices you have available.

What puts me off is the price. For a sticky strip of magnet 60cm long and 5cm wide and 6 magnets (although they are quite strong) costs £10.95, personally I feel this is a little pricey.

However ... the spices can be purchased in teaspoon sized packs, which is a brilliant idea! these cost 59p-69p each which isn't bad as the ingredients are fresh and you would only purchase what you require (saves on wastage). http://www.thespicery.com/pages/spices_menu/spices_choice.html

The idea is to stick the magnetic strip inside your kitchen cupboard, then use the magnets to hold the spices onto the strip, as they are inside the cupboard they are out of sunlight and you can easily see what spices you have in stock and what you need to purchase. Simply spicy!

With nearly 200 ingredients in single-use teaspoon sized packs you will be spoilt for choice, plus they sell recipe kits too which sound really tasty. http://www.thespicery.com/pages/recipe_kits/world_kitchen_recipe_kits.htm

For more information please visit: http://www.thespicery.com/index.html

My rating: 6/10
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