20 Oct 2009

femfresh Intimate Hygiene Wipes

femfresh natural balance intimate hygiene wipes

This morning Andy said to me "What are you up to today then love?" and I replied "I'm reviewing fanny wipes!" ... he looked at me oddly, shrugged his shoulders and went to work.

I like these wipes, they are pocket sized, flushable, freshening and give you a lovely fresh feeling after use. At certain times when ladies need a little extra to feel clean and fresh, femfresh wipes tick all the boxes.

Dermatologically and gynaecologically tested these wipes are suitable for everyday use. They are PH-balanced and hypoallergenic, the gentle cleansing formula contains extracts of soothing white water lily and naturally anti-bacterial calendula. All good stuff!!

The sachet packaging is plain white with the femfresh logo, very plain so if you do accidentally drop your bag in the middle of a shopping centre no-one will know what they are (basically they look like the wipes you use for washing your hands).

Each wipe isn't huge, but the fabric used is quite stretchy. Even though they are smaller than your average wet wipe they are quite damp and leave a softening film on the skin.

Fresh fragranced, fresh feeling - a perfect product.
RRP: £2.30 for 16 individual wipes
Available from all major supermarkets and high street chemists.

My rating: 8/10
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