31 Oct 2009

Huggalugs - Legruffles

Huggalugs - Legruffles

#Fame! I'm gonna live forever,
I'm gonna learn how to fly - High!
I feel it coming together,
People will see me and cry - Fame!
I'm gonna make it to heaven,
Light up the sky like a flame - Fame!
I'm gonna live forever,
Baby remember my name,
Remember Remember Remember Remember Remember Remember Remember .......... #

Ok what are you thinking about?
Star jumps up in the air?
Yellow New York taxi's?
Young OTT students dancing on cars?
or Leg warmers !!!
I knew it! all along you have been singing along thinking of legwarmers :)

Luckily for us we have had the chance to review new Huggalugs Legruffles ... Legruffles are legwarmers knitted with a cotton blend yarn, giving a soft, flowing feel to the final finish. Made with 75% Cotton 23% Spandex and 2% Elastane they are very stretchy but also very soft.

You can use them in a variety of ways, for example they are a great way to protect a tiny dancer’s legs from the cold, show off that beautiful set of bloomers or to match perfectly with this season’s hottest pettiskirts! We have used them to tuck Emma's jeans into her boots, cover up her legs when wearing her Halloween outfit, show off to the kids down the road and generally look fashionable.

Emma (age 8) received a pair of 'So Pink' fuchsia Legruffles but they also come in 'Vanilla Cream' cream, 'Smitten Kitten' baby pink and 'Funky Black' black.

Now Emma likes dancing around the house like a loony so the Legruffles were instantly the best thing since sliced bread, they were 'amazing' and 'funky', also "Wait till Beth see's these she is gonna be sooooooo jealous!" ... I got the feeling that Emma really really likes them :)

You can also wear Legruffles on your arms, Emma says that they are really warm, soft and comfortable and she prefers them on her arms rather than her legs.

Allisia (13 months) came to visit, for lunch I gave her a sandwich and some cheesy puffballs ... nice idea except she was wearing some lovely white jeans. Knowing that my sister-in-law wouldn't be impressed with orange stained jeans, we popped the Legruffles on Allisia to cover her trousers ... they did the job and she looked cool :)

They also worked well to catch her as Allisia is just starting to run, well I think she is trying to walk but once she gets going she cannot stop - the Huggalug Legruffles protected her legs when she toppled over, especially on our hard kitchen floor.

Legruffles are sized to fit babies and kids, they stretch that much that they even fit me! Although as with Emma they are better on my arms than on my legs.

If you need to wash them (like I will as ours are covered in cheesy puffs) you can hand wash them in cold water - however do not tumble dry them as apparently they shrink! So just pop them on the line or over a cool radiator to dry off.

I can't see them lasting a long long time if worn a lot, they are quite thin and not particularly hard wearing. They aren't really an 'everyday' wear so for parties and special occasions I see no problem with the quality.

Huggalugs Legruffles are available now to order from select retailers only.

For more information please contact:
UK: sales@cn-sales.co.uk

Australia & other international : info@huggalugs.com.au
USA/CAN: huggalugs@aol.com
FR: contact@huggalugs.fr
ZA: ally@4akid.co.za
FI: info@pompoli.net


Our rating: 7/10

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