10 Oct 2009

Quash - 100% Natural Hand Sanitiser


Quash is a patented* formulation of 100% natural ingredients lab-proven to kill the toughest of germs & viruses without the need for soap or water.
Quash kills 99.9% of harmful germs, it contains 100% natural ingredients (alcohol/chemical free). Quash is alcohol free so won’t dry and crack your hands, its topped full of vitamins & minerals to moisturise & nourish skin and best of all its made in the UK!

Contents include: Manuka Honey, Liquid Vitamin C, White Willow Bark, Aloe Vera, Zinc, Radish Root, White Tea, Lavender & Lime Essential Oils. All natural products, some with healing properties but combined together to create an essential cleaning product to combat against germs.

Is Quash effective against Swine Flu?
Yes. Quash has been tested against the Swine Flu strain of influenza A virus H1N1 and is proven to neutralise the virus in controlled lab tests. Tested to EN 14476: 2007
The Medicines & Health Care Products Regulatory Agency does not currently allow makers of hand sanitisers to make claims against specific types of germs for fear consumers will think it’s a guaranteed prevention of illness. As hand contact is not the only way germs can be spread, no hand sanitiser can make that kind of guarantee.
Following recent guidelines issued by Alan Johnson, Secretary of State for Health, washing your hands regularly is the single most effective way of protecting yourself from illness. Quash is one of your best alternatives when soap and water are not available.

How many uses are there per bottle of Quash?
There are 250 sprays per 50ml bottle and 75 sprays per 15ml.

I received Quash Moisturising Hand Sanitiser and Quash 100% Natural Hand Sanitiser to test, my first impressions of the bottles were good, they are a great size for popping in your pocket or handbag so use when out and about.
For my lifestyle I like to use hand cleaners at work, working within a Special Needs Department I have to be careful of transfers of germs and controlling illnesses due to my students medical problems, a simple cold to me could be fatal to one of my students.

Quash fitted in neatly into my work bag and as its provided in a tough little bottle - I knew I had no worries about leakage.

Alcohol gel is good but I find it dries out my hands and feels sticky if I accidentally use too much. Quash is a spray, 2 sprays is enough to clean both hands (palms and backs) effectively. It is a water spray more than a gel or cream and so is quite simple to cover all surfaces of your hands. Quash dries quickly and leaves no sticky after feeling, infact even though one product states 'moisturising' both types of spray left my hands feeling soft and silky.

Quash has a fine lavender fragrance, its not too much and does linger on your hands for a while after use. Its quite a fresh clean fragrance which is nice, it reminds me of clean linen but I think that's because I use a lavender fragranced washing powder ;)

You can buy Quash at most supermarkets and some high street stores in the UK. Please see Quash website for more information: http://www.quashme.com/where-to-find-quash.html

I like it, its simple to use and works.

My rating 10/10 !!
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