13 Oct 2009

Savlon Advanced Healing Gel

Savlon Advanced Healing Gel

For the treatment of minor burns and small wounds.
The Gel is a hydroactive colloid that creates a moist healing environment.
Helps to speed up healing and reduce scarring.
Cools to relieve pain.
Use on many types of wound - dry or moist, sores, grazes or open cuts.
Use for minor burns or scalds and even severe sunburn.
50g Plastic screw-top tube.

I must admit, I am really impressed with Savlon's new Healing Gel. It soaks in almost instantly where as the old 'magic cream' Savlon used to spread thinner and thinner until you were covered in it. The packaging looks up-to-date and quite fashionable, plus being a plastic tube you know that it isn't going to leak everywhere.

The actual gel is slightly white in colour, I would have preferred it to be clear as I think it looks a little like glue ... but as long as it does the job then I don't suppose it matters.

Emma likes it - at present she has a sore nose from having flu, teamed with child acne her nose is quite raw from constantly wiping it. Emma says that Savlon Healing Gel doesn't make her nose sting when she puts some on, plus it feels really cool like someone is blowing cold air onto her nose. The soreness is going down which is brilliant as I normally struggle to find a product that she willingly will rub into her nose.

The gel has no nasty fragrance, infact it smells of nothing! You can use it almost anywhere (external) but please remember to clean any cuts or scrapes before use. Please Note - Do not apply the gel to the wound if an infection is present or the wound is weeping.

Did you know that a wound heals faster if it is moist?
I didn't! I always thought that you should 'let the air get to it' to make a wound scab over. Apparently this isn't so ... it is better to keep a wound moist but clean, Savlon Advanced Healing Gel is brilliant to use underneath a plaster or bandage to keep the area moist while the plaster keeps it clean.

Changed regularly your 'poorly' will heal quicker and will probably leave less of a scar (depending on depth and size of cut) than the 'old fashioned' way.

Only one problem to this .... little boys won't have a scab to pick off and chase their sisters with ;)

RRP: £3.99 available from most major supermarkets and chemists.
My rating 9/10
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