20 Oct 2009

Sterimar Isotonic Nasal Hygiene

Sterimar Isotonic Nasal Hygiene

This product is an odd one ... why? because I don't totally see the point of it.
100% natural sea water microdiffusion spray : sounds really posh ;) the bottle looks quite clinically funky, great illustrations on the bottle and box, very nice .... but basically its a bottle of sea water that you squirt up your nose ???

Now I like swimming, I do like to swim in the sea as long as the waters clear and I can see the bottom. I am terrified of crabs (the ones in the sea you dirty minded folk!) and last Easter when in Egypt I stood terrified in the sea for an hour as a tropical fish kept circling me and I thought it was a piranha .... but I don't like getting the sea water in my ears or up my nose!! which is exactly what this product does ?? hmmmm.

So what does it do? Sterimar can help relieve nasal congestion associated with sinusitis, blocked nose, colds, hayfever, allergies and for nasal cleansing. It is a pure sea water spray that gently moisturises and clears nasal passages to help relieve nasal congestion. You can use it on the whole family - even babies.

Each 100ml bottle holds 300 uses, it is drug free and has no preservatives. According to my research Sterimar is made from pure sea water, which is collected in St. Malo Bay (France), 15 miles from the coast, at a minimum depth of 5 meters. These waters are monitored by an independent regulatory authority to ensure sanitary standards. It is then filtered and sterilised- diluted to 1/3, which makes it isotonic (appropriate for the human body). Sea water has the added benefit of containing various naturally occurring trace elements, many of which have been shown to have antiseptic (silver & zinc), anti-inflammatory (copper) or anti-allergic (manganese) properties.

So .. they do put a lot of thought and work into it.

Now I have an inner ear infection and so I haven't tested this product myself, I asked Emma to try it and she refused, so I chased Andy round the house shouting "Oh go on let me squirt it up your nose!" ... his reply I unfortunately cannot post here - but when he is asleep one night I'll attack him and post back ;)
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