25 Nov 2009

Camouflage Bags & Storage

Camouflage Duffle Carrier

When the duffle carrier arrived, I have honestly never seen such a well packaged product. It was neatly folded and encased with a thin cardboard slip, holding it all together was two strips of webbing personalised with 'www.thecamouflagecompany.com and attached with Velcro at each end.

I was very excited about this product and carefully removed the bag from its packaging. The plastic tarpaulin fabric of the bag is very very sturdy and strong, cleverly printed with bright patterns and each handle double stitched - I think that if looked after this bag could last forever.

But then the trouble started, using the very clear instructions included I set about putting the bag together. It arrives as a flat sheet which is brilliant as a boot liner for the car - you have to put the Velcro together at the corners and pull the strings to close the bag into a 'duffle' style.
My bag seemed bulky and misshaped :( so my Dad had a go. He too ended up with a big bulky bag that didn't seem to sit right.

We feel that the plastic coated fabric is 'too thick and sturdy' for the style of bag. OK it is very strong, but it doesn't fold very well at the corners and the handles insist on falling back inside the bag.

However - I love this bag and would like to use it to transport my washing from the washing machine (by putting the bag flat onto the floor I can empty the wet washing onto it) to the line or tumble dryer (I can then put the bag together to make a waterproof bag to transport my wet washing). I am going to persevere, I think my strings are on the wrong side as if it has been strung incorrectly (mine are in the middle) and also I might even turn the bag completely inside out and see if the corners are better in the inside instead of the outside.

From a design point of view the idea is brilliant - the materials used are top quality - but I think the shape should have been a circle to obtain the shape and style most suitable for the bag. Think wedding favours - you know when you have a circle of netting and you make it into a parcel with almonds inside .... the bag should go together like that.

The idea is there, the uses are fantastic and the packaging and instructions are top class ... I think we will be seeing some great storage solutions from Camouflage in the near future.

For more storage bags and boxes visit: www.thecamouflagecompany.com

My rating: 6/10 points for quality of materials.
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