10 Nov 2009

Cuddledry Toddler Poncho Towel

Cuddledry Toddler Poncho Towel

Bigger than expected"My first opinion of the Cuddledry Toddler Poncho Towel was "Wow its big!". I was really impressed with the size as usually styles of towels like this are pretty tiny and you have trouble drying with them.

I loved the thickness and softness of the towel, it is very absorbent and should really be called 'snuggledry' as it is so soft. Toddlers should use it without screaming, even when they wriggle you can still keep a tight grip of them ... which is excellent as using a regular towel can sometimes he quite dangerous with a slippy toddler.

The hood is great, it helps dry her hair without them noticing ;) you can play 'peek-a-boo' for a while which was great.

A major plus point is the press stud closures under the armpits, again this helps when carrying your little-one but also it stops the towel from slipping.

I would definitely use this on holiday, the SPF50+ is priceless. Being washable (and it does wash well) you can easily use this by the pool or beach and not worry. It is comfortable enough to wear over a swimming costume, and also handy when changing small children out of wet costumes and into dry clothes (without them running off naked around the resort) if you would like a bit of privacy.

The press studs mean they can also wear it and still dig in the sand while being protected from the sun (please also use sun cream, do not just use the towel - that's not what it is designed for).

All-in-all we are very impressed, the price at £22.99 I think is fair for the quality. The Poncho states its for ages 1-2, but I think with a bit of imagination it will easily be of use until at least age 3.

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