24 Nov 2009

Full Marks - Head Lice Solution

Full Marks - Head Lice Solution

Why is it whenever anyone mentions head lice you immediately scratch your head?

When I was at school and head lice were doing the rounds they used to make you line up and the school nurse (nit nurse) used to go down the line checking every ones hair .. it was humiliating as if you did have the little critters the whole school knew about it!!
I was kind of lucky as I never seemed to catch them from school, I used to get them in the school holidays (my Mum said from the kids down the road).

Having head lice was bad enough, but the potent nasty wash-in formula to eradicate them was worse !! You had to put it on before you went to bed, then sleep in it ... the fumes were so bad your eyes used to water, then all day the next day (even when your mum had washed your hair 3 times) you could still smell it. Nasty stuff!!

Not now though - times have changed and so have the products to get shot of those nasty head lice. Full Marks have brought out a range of products that only take 10 minutes to work and they don't smell of anything!!
I have taken the top off of the bottle and had a good whiff .. on the bottle it states 'low odour' but I couldn't smell a thing, it was like smelling water which is brilliant !!

The Full Marks Solution is a 10 minute treatment, the bottle also contains 2 treatments - this isn't for 2 people though, it is so you can repeat the 10 minute treatment 7 days later (just in case).

The procedure is simple:
Comb dry hair with a comb to get rid of tangles, apply the solution.
Wait 10 minutes then comb though with the special comb provided to remove dead lice and eggs.
Finally wash hair with your normal (non-conditioning) shampoo and style as normal.

Unlike the old eye-watering solutions Full Marks Solution causes the lice to dehydrate (lose water) and die, then you remove them with the comb provided.

The spray works in exactly the same way ... except its a spray bottle to put the solution onto the hair.

Remember: Head Lice like ALL hair, be it clean, dirty, curly, long, short, or woven.
If you find head lice present in a family members (or child's best friend/classmate) you may have to treat the whole family or whoever has been in close contact with the infected head of hair.
Wash all bedding and towels to prevent re-infection.
Lice are spread from head to head contact - they cannot jump or fly!

For more information, images, myths and advice visit: http://www.headlice.co.uk/Default.aspx

Can I stop itching now?

Our rating: 8/10

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