27 Nov 2009

Lynx - Christmas Giftset

Lynx - Cinema Click

Hands Up .. who has ever brought a Lynx Giftset as a stocking filler for the man in your life?
I bet you all have! I find that men's Christmas stockings are never complete without a) a Terry's Chocolate Orange and b) A Lynx Giftset :) they just have to be included FACT.

This year Lynx have brought out a really good range of gifts including:
Lynx Skin Contact – Skin Contact hydrating shower balm and Skin Contact fresh care aftershave balm.
Lynx Recover Morning After – Recover body spray, Recover shower gel and a colour changing alarm clock with wake-up voice.
Lynx Africa Aftershave and Body spray – Lynx Africa body spray and aftershave.
Lynx Manwash Pack – Boost shower gel, Vice body spray and the Ultimate Lynx Manwasher.
Lynx Dark Temptation Dry – Dark Temptation anti-perspirant and extra-large Dark Temptation shower gel.
Lynx Instinct Wash Bag – Instinct body spray, Instinct and Dark Temptation shower gel in a premium wash bag.
Lynx Instinct Body spray and shower gel – Instinct body spray and Instinct shower gel.
Lynx Africa Body spray and shower gel - Africa body spray and shower gel.
Lynx Mini Traveller – Mini Africa body spray, Instinct anti-perspirant, Instinct shower gel and Fever shower gel in a mini washbag.
Lynx Trio - Fever shower gel, body spray and Recover shower gel.
Lynx Cinema 2 for 1 – Click shower gel, body spray and an Odeon 2 for 1 cinema voucher.
Lynx Eau de Toilette and body spray – Instinct body spray and eau de toilette.

Men these days seem to care a little more about their presentation, maybe its the TV programmes that help (eg.. 'How to look good wearing skanky Y-Fronts,' sorry I mean 'How to look good naked') or just the adverts for different male products in general.

I have had a good browse over the Lynx Cinema Click Giftset, it includes 150ml Click deodorant bodyspray and 250ml click shower gel ... and a 2 for 1 cinema voucher for any ODEON in the UK or UCI Cinema in the Republic of Ireland.

The ticket is on the box ready to cut out, the rest of the packaging can possibly be recycled with your doorstep recycling pickup service.

Click is supposed to be a male scent - but I quite like it, I would use it myself instead of perfume. Its not too manly and can be used as a highlight scent if used appropriately. I am impressed with the deodorant bodyspray as it has a special twisty top which means it is great for a gym bag as there is no top to loose ... you just twist and spray!

The showergel matches the Click spray scent and again is very acceptable for women to use too (obviously have a smell first - not all women would like it). Handy shaped ergonomic bottle with grip features for ease of use in the shower.

I think the 2 for 1 cinema ticket offer is a great idea .. you will save at least £5+ at the cinema with the ticket which for the price of the giftset is a really really good deal. Just make sure you wear your new Lynx Click spray so you smell nice during the film.

Lynx giftsets are available from all major supermarkets and highstreet chemists.
My rating: 9/10
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