3 Nov 2009



Nailene is a leading artificial nail, French Manicure and nail treatment brand sold in over 40,000 retail stores with brand presence in 39 countries.

With over 30 years in nail care, Nailene is staking its position as a proud beauty brand with a lighter side.

They understand that Mums love to experiment with all kinds of beauty products- and are so excited when they find something that gives them just a little bit of time for themselves. These are the kinds of Mums that are always on the go, but want to look sophisticated and stylish no matter what is on the agenda!

Nailene is the perfect accessory, giving Mums of all ages confidence and class with minimal time investment.

I have reviewed a couple of products from Nailene including 'Couture' $5.99, 'So Real' $5.99, 'So Natural' $5.99 artificial nails, also Bedazzle 'Super Star' $3.99 and 'Fashionista' $3.99 nail art.

The artificial nails are really really light - I was amazed as I have always imagined artificial nails to be a bit chunky and 'false'. The nail packs each contain 24 nails and cover 12 different sizes - which was my next worry. I have very wide fingers and the nails have a size that fits my fingers exactly, so I am really impressed! My 'Halloween fake nail' vision is now gone and a very feminine light as a fairy vision has been put in its place.

Each pack not only contains sizes to suit but also a tube of nail glue, Cuticle Stick, Nail file/buffer and full instructions. The artificial nails come in a variety of shapes and lengths for example: Medium Length, Square Shape. They are also 'chip proof' which is a massive bonus if like me you are clumsy!

I have also been lucky enough to view their Bedazzle Nail Art designs. These are sticky rhinestone stickers that you can put onto either your own nails or a set of artificial names to 'tart them up a bit'.
You can stick them straight on or add a layer of top coat to keep them on a little longer. Each pack contains a variety of designs to suit all tastes.
Brilliant for younger girls for parties if you feel that artificial nails are a little old for them.

The range from www.nailene.com is amazing, their prices are inexpensive, while the quality is brilliant !!

I am totally sold on the Nailene range - they are a must for teenage girls and a treat for Mums on the go.
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