25 Nov 2009

Organic Meltdown - Chocolate

Mmmm chocolate - now I like chocolate, not all chocolate (I don't like those seashell ones that taste powdery), but most other chocolate gets eaten pretty quickly in our house.

This week I discovered Organic Meltdown chocolate, usually when you sit and scoff your face with a big bar of delicious and creamy chocolate you feel guilty (right?) but this chocolate is clever .... it saves trees!
Delicious chocolate + Good conscience = A winning combo from Organic Meltdown

Organic Meltdown chocolate, is the first product of its type to save a tree for every chocolate bar sold. You buy the Organic Fairtrade chocolate, type the code from the wrapper onto their website ... and hey presto! a tree is saved. Sounds easy, which for us it is ... but I am sure there is a lot of hard work tree saving somewhere in a rainforest on our behalf.

Organic Meltdowns website states "We want organic and Fair-trade chocolate to be more than just a product. Chocolate needs to reflect the rich natural diversity of the tropical forests in the foothills of the Andes Mountains where cocoa beans were first discovered many millennia ago. These forests, the ancestral home of cocoa, are threatened with extinction and Organic Meltdown chocolate is the only product of any type to save a living, breathing tropical forest tree for every bar of chocolate we sell." so to buy a bar from Organic Meltdown actually helps you do your bit of the environment - fancy that!

So whats the chocolate like? Its actually very nice. Every ones taste buds are different, not everyone likes dark chocolate ... but even their dark was quite creamy and not bitter like other brands.

Sweet Candied Orange: A zing of orange and a crunch of sweetness rounds off the 'not too bitter' edge to this 'not too dark' chocolate.

Hazelnuts & Currants: There's hazelnuts in hoards and currants galore heading this trio of textures. Once bitten, thrice smitten.

Milk: Starts with a velvety waft of cream and butter and ends with eye-closing sensuality. It's more than chocolate.

Dark: Marked by a profound depth of taste and a satin-smooth texture this truly dark chocolate is certainly not plain.

All bars are Gluten Free & Vegetarian Approved. All bars except the Milk variety is Vegan Approved. They are proud to wear the Vegetarian Logo on the packaging of all their Organic Meltdown chocolate bars, to shout about the fact they use absolutely no animal by-products in the production their recipes.

http://www.organicmeltdown.com/ is full to the brim with information about Organic produce, Fairtrade and how the company saves trees. Please take a look and support their cause - treat yourself to some chocolate :) you know you want too!!

My rating: 10/10
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