21 Nov 2009


OXY - Engineered For Male Skin

Spot Defence Shave Gel

Being only a 100ml tube my first thought was 'this isn't going to last long' but to be fair when shaving with the gel a little goes a long way. Apply to warm wet skin and massage in well, it spreads over the skin really well without the need to apply more and more until you look like Santa!

The gel is clear and smells gorgeous, I knew when Andy has used it as his skin smelt lovely. As it smoothes on well he found his shave to be closer than when using foam, but Andy commented that the gel was a little difficult to wash out of his razor than his normal products.

Whats the benefits then?

Well how many times have you shaved a spot? You are in the bathroom looking like a cloud of foam shaving away ... when suddenly you scream in pain and your face is pouring with blood? ..... not now as with OXY gel being clear - you can see where you are shaving!

The gel also calms and protects your skin, this is why it is important to massage it in well (and not just smear it on). The gel lubricates your skin which will give you a better performance razor glide (a closer shave), this will help reduce that nasty razor burn and ingrowing hairs.

Andy did state that he got a better shave from the gel and that his chin/neckline wasn't so sore after his shave.

OXY Shave Gel contains Phycosaccacharide which is a natural seaweed extract. This helps control the oil (sebum) that your skin produces, keeps down redness and also kills off bacteria that can cause spots.

It also contains AquaCacteen which is a natural cactus extract. This seems to work a little like aloe-vera by reducing irritation and soothing the skin. It also is a deep moisturiser which male skins need but men don't seem to want to use, this way they can moisturise without noticing.

Post Shave Repair Gel

Now this is a type of moisturiser for applying after shaving, some male skin is prone to acne and to add a moisturiser sometimes isn't be best of ideas .. however OXY (who are the top acne product people) have developed a light gel that is good for spots and acne.

Dermatologically tested this gel is the same consistency as the shaving gel, but this is white and not clear (at least you won't muddle them up!). Again it contains Phycosaccharide the seaweed extract to control sebum, reduce redness and kill the nasty bacteria but this product also contains CellActive-MEN a solution which helps to repair and heal micro cuts, brilliant when added to shaved skin.

The gel has a cooling effect which when smoothed onto freshly razor shaved skin feels lovely, redness and ingrowing hairs are reduced. The gel also provides up to 24h hours of hydration like a moisturiser.

All-in-all together OXY Spot Defence Shave Gel and OXY Post Shave Repair Balm are a brilliant combination. To be able to shave well and look after your skin at the same time whilst combating spots and acne .... I think men everywhere will be snapping these off of the shelves.

The products retail at a recommended £4.99 each and are available from more than 450 Boots stores nationwide.

Andy's rating: 8/10
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