27 Nov 2009

Reading Notes

Reading Notes

Are you part of a Book Reading Group or just like to read?
Do you ever forget what books you have read or what you thought of a particular book or author?

Reading Notes is a handbag sized notebook which is the perfect companion for the avid reader. The book is set out with spaces for you to fill in details about each book you have read (or would like to read). giving you room to make notes such as: Title, Author, Date read, and any Reading Notes that you have about each book (ie.. did you like it? did the story flow? was the ending what you expected?).

Keep it handy in the library so that you don't accidentally take out a book you have already read, or use it to remind yourself about books you may like to read again. You can even use it as a gift guide for fellow readers if you know what genre or style of books that they like to read - then you can buy from your own experience.

Its nice to see that someone is thinking beyond the 'book' for a hobby, gone are the days of scribbled notes on a book mark. With a Reading Notes notebook you can be organised at your book club meets and help along the discussion with your own thoughts quickly and easily.

I would have liked the notebook to have had some kind of order to it, eg... alphabetical sections like an address book of authors or titles, so that you can refer back to a listing quickly, but maybe the designer could think about that idea for a future idea.

Reading Notes is a nifty little handy book - a great gift idea or an addition to your overflowing book collection.

Single copies £5.99 each

My rating: 8/10
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