18 Nov 2009

Rude Health

Rude Health

No Added Sugar and No Added Salt ... phrases we are seeing more and more in our supermarkets, usually though they manufacturers haven't added 'sugar' but they have added 'sweeteners' ... not with Rude Health! I have checked the ingredients list and there is nothing extra added except tons and tons of goodness.

Totally Organic, Wheat-Free, High in fibre, Wholegrain and Non-GM these breakfast cereals have halos! Recommended by the Soil Association they must be good ... so are they?

The answer is yes! Now I'm not a massive fan of porridge, but I tried the Top Banana porridge and its actually really nice. I followed the instructions and made it lovely and creamy, then tucked in :)
Emma didn't like it, she's not a massive fan of breakfast and with it being my first 'porridge making experience' I did make her a bowl big enough to feed all 3 bears!!

So Baby Bear wasn't impressed but Mummy Bear tucked in quite happily. I liked the way the oats were smooth and chewy, there were no husky bits or nasty chewy non-descript lumps. I ate it warm but as the oats are so soft and tender you can eat it cold if you wish (like muesli).

My one concern is the amount of information on the back of the box - I understand that they have a lot to tell me, but I found it all a bit cluttered ... it took me ages to find out the cooking instructions.

However, I was hooked - the Top Banana is lightly flavoured with urm.. banana and the Fruity Date is quite chewy with a nice aftertaste of warm cinnamon.

Available from Tesco Stores - well recommended for the cold mornings coming in now .... just watch out for Goldilocks!!

My rating: 8/10
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