15 Dec 2009



This toy is actually a very simple idea, yet really clever and imaginative. Sounds a bit contradicting but let me explain.

The GloDoodle is a see-through box, but the top layer is the drawing screen. You can put anything underneath it and using the special pen (or your finger) trace the outline of the picture or object underneath.

You can copy your favourite colouring book pages, practice your writing, trap and trace your pet hamster (not recommended) ... even trace your best friends face. The possibilities are endless.

So unlike the etch-a-sketch toys you don't have to think of something to draw, you just find something and draw it.

There are 3 colour settings to draw in, an erase function, a stylus pen and an instruction manual. The unit requires 3 x AA batteries to work (not included).

Great for the car, plane, train, afternoon at Grans ... no mess, no fuss, easy to pack and carry.
The GloDoodle is brilliant suitable for ages 3+, with supervision younger children could use this product to practice hand/eye control.

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RRP: £19.99
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