15 Dec 2009

LIV Fashion Dolls

LIV Fashion Dolls

Daniela, Sophie, Katie & Alexis BBF's in the land of fashion dolls.

So whats different about LIV dolls compared to other brands?
The main exciting feature is their hair.

Remember when after a few months your beloved fashion dolls hair got really ratty, the nylon strands sort of go fluffy from over brushing and you were forever cutting hairbands out of the tangled mop of fuzz? Well LIV fashion dolls come with 'spare hair' :)

Each doll is packaged with the actual doll, accessories (for example: hairbrush, bag, clothes, ear rings) and 2 wigs. One 'hair to wear' on the doll and another to style, trim and generally do what you want with without Mum screaming "Don't cut its hair! Oh!".

Everyone knows that little girls like to cut hair, LIV doll hair doesn't grow back ;) but I am sure you can probably purchase 'wig kits' for LIV girls to replace their chopped locks.
When my husband was little he chopped all the hair off of his sisters Barbie Dolls, she wasn't impressed ... so was further upset to discover that her other brother had wee'd in her Barbie House toilet and flooded the bottom floor.

LIV dolls are are Barbie -size, their bodies are fully-articulated. They do not have massive misshaped heads or look like aliens, it looks like they have inset "glass"-style eyes as well which is a really good quality.
In comparison to other fashion dolls they are quite pretty, with a slogan of 'Real Girls - Real Life' they aren't too far off of the mark. Obviously if they ever made a doll based on my life the clothes would have to be much much wider but the pretty facial features are spot-on (I wish!).

With each doll you also get a code to access LIV World http://www.livworld.com/ a website dedicated to LIV dolls. Apparently there is each dolls diary online and some interactive features.
The VIP access code seems from what I have researched to only last a year, after a year to gain access you will need a new code, so will have to buy another doll. Maybe they will introduce codes onto accessories in the future?? who knows??

Liv fashion dolls, Daniela, Sophie, Katie and Alexis, will be available from the 1st of November from Argos, Toys R Us, The Entertainer and all good toy stores
RRP £19.99 per doll.
Age 5+ ... aimed at girls aged 6-10 years

For additional information please visit: http://www.spinmaster.co.uk/

My rating: 9/10
Emma's rating: 10/10 especially Sophie as that's her favourite.
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