2 Dec 2009

Top Toys For Christmas - Cheat Sheet

Top Toys For Christmas - Cheat Sheet

We are all busy ... all work and no play, so when the 'Letter To Santa' gets sent and a pleading child starts to leave the Argos book open on your desk covered in Post-its .. what do you do?

a) Drop everything, jump in the car and drive until you reach Toys R Us .. hoping everything is in stock?

b) Get online order everything at the first price you see and hope its delivered by Christmas?

c) Send your Mother-in-law out with a list and a wad of cash?


d) Check http://www.frugalcrew.com/frugal-views/gift-buying-made-easy/2009/11/8/a-cheat-sheet-on-the-top-toys-for-christmas/ for the best prices and a ready-made list of what your child really wants for Christmas (along with the rest of the population).

Well I hope you answered D ... The Frugal Crew has compiled a handy list of the must-haves this Christmas and loads of handy links that take you straight there ... simple!

Christmas - without the stress :)
Have a good one !!
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