2 Dec 2009

Total Greek Yogurt

Total Greek Yogurt

I'll admit ... Greek Yogurt has always been, well, a bit Greek to me! When buying yogurt I have always been lazy (and unadventurous) and have purchased the usual 6-pack of strawberry processed rubbish because, well its easy and everyone likes them.

I have had the chance to broaden my culinary skills by trying Total Greek Yogurt, available from leading supermarkets it is on the shelves ready to buy ... its just that I never have - until now.

Did you know that you can use Greek Yogurt with Roast Shoulder of Spiced Lamb? No nor did I until the lovely people from Total sent me a really good cookbook to tempt me. The yogurt for the lamb is actually a marinade, now fancy that! You can use Total Greek Yogurt for soups, pate, salads, fishcakes, chicken, loads of fancy puddings and even good old fairy cakes.

I am astounded! Its like Total have opened my eyes to the fact that cakes are not always made from butter, sugar, flour and eggs - if you add yogurt you still produce a cake, but a much smoother more muffin type cake .... you can use Total Greek Yogurt for the toppings too.

Above is an example of a recipe - I know you cannot read the details properly (don't worry its only an example).

http://www.totalgreekyoghurt.com/site/ChocolateChipCookieYoghurtCheesecake_270.aspx Here is the link to the above recipe online.

http://www.totalgreekyoghurt.com/site/recipes_147.aspx Plus! If you visit this link there are loads of different recipes for you to choose from, everything from Starters to Desserts ... scrummy stuff.

Also from their website is the following information about TOTAL Greek Yoghurt that you may not know:
Total Greek Yoghurt is made from completely natural ingredients. Total Greek Yoghurt is live, pasteurised and contains no artificial additives, preservatives or thickeners. Total has no added sugars or sweeteners, just naturally occurring lactose.

Total Greek Yoghurt is a good source of protein. Protein is essential for the body to function properly. It’s used to help build up and maintain body tissue and for enzyme development.
Yoghurt plays an important role in nutrition. Produced by fermenting milk with healthy cultures, yoghurt contains the same number of calories as milk – but it’s easier to digest.

Vegetarians can eat Total Greek Yoghurt. And it’s also suitable for diabetics, pregnant women and people on gluten-free diets.

So now you can tuck into that Total Banana Smoothie, followed by Total's Penne with Wild Mushrooms, with Total Christmas Pavlova to finish .. and not feel an ounce of guilt as Total Greek Yogurt is good for you.

For more information please visit: http://www.totalgreekyoghurt.com/
Available from all major Supermarkets - look out for deals in the chilled areas.

Excuse me ... I'm off to make a Carrot Cake with Total Greek Yogurt cream cheese topping!
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