1 Dec 2009

Totally Funky

Totally Funky

Secret Santa's, Stocking Fillers ... all things we think about purchasing gifts for at this time of year - but what do we buy?

A perfect mini-present are these lip glosses from Totally Funky, they are brilliant!!

The set of 4 'chocolate' lip glosses are great for any female (age 6+) they are shaped like posh chocolates and are flavoured to match: Praline Princess, Mocha Cherry, Rose Swirl and Vanilla Fancy.

You could use them as a set as a stocking filler or wrapped as a Secret Santa gift. Another great idea is to put one inside different home made crackers as the gift or as a Christmas Favour on a set table for Christmas Day dinner.

I would love to receive these as would Emma (age 8), she is pretty taken with them and has asked to use them as gifts for her friends for her 9th birthday party ... I am 'thinking about it' as they would also make a fantastic Secret Santa present for a friend of mine ...hmmm decisions.

But what about the men?
Well yes Lip gloss is a bit girly .. but Lip balm is for everyone !!

Also from Totally Funky are these Christmas Pudding and Mince Pie Lip balm sets. The Christmas Pudding style tastes like chocolate but the Mince Pie tastes exactly like mince pies !! Funky!!

Again great as a Secret Santa gift, or inside a Christmas Cracker. A Christmas Day favour or even as a Stocking Filler for a 'New Man' type man. Girls will love these too and with them being 'different' they can be used as a great talking piece at any party.

Chocolate Heaven Lip Gloss: £6.99

Christmas Pudding Lip Balm: £2.99

Mince Pie Lip Balm: £2.99

Please visit Totally Funky for more great gifts !!

My rating: 10/10 !!

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