24 Dec 2009

Vehicle Document File

Vehicle Document File by KTWO

Whenever its time to tax (or sell) the car we run around like mad people trying to find all the documents. The MOT certificate is in one drawer, the V5 Logbook in the filing cabinet, the Insurance Certificate in a pile at the back of my desk .... then we find its the old one ... so where's the new one??

So? What do you buy an untidy car enthusiast that has everything?A Vehicle Document File from KTWO

This practical document file is designed to hold and protect important vehicle documents and make them easy to find. There is space for all the vital documents including MOT certificate, Vehicle Registration, Insurance, Service History and Driving Licence.

The most brilliant part is that with lots of families owning more than one vehicle, this file has been designed to hold up to four full sets of documents.

Space to store MOT certificates, Vehicle Registration, Insurance certificates, Service History and Driving Licence.

The product is 26 x 23 cm which is a great size to store away in a bookcase, cupboard, shelf or drawer.


At £12.99 its a great price for a Christmas or Birthday Present ... even for Valentines day or Easter this document file would make a great present!

http://www.thefutureperfectcompany.com/shop/categories/8/get_organised The future perfect company also sell files to keep your pets documents safe, recipes, gardening info, the family in general and more ... great for adults of all ages.

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My rating: 10/10

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