14 Dec 2009

Warburtons Winter Fruit Loaf

Warburtons Winter Fruit Loaf
I love Warburtons, I particularly like the Toastie loaf wrapped in greaseproof paper ... always tastes fresh and the paper wrapping makes it feel like they have made an effort (I know! Don't laugh ... it makes bread feel special!).

I also like Warburtons range of fruit loaves, especially the fruit loaf with orange. This winter Warburtons have brought out a limited edition 'Winter Fruit Loaf'. Their fruit loaf’s traditional recipe has been adapted to offer even more flavour and now includes orange and lemon fruit pieces for a real burst of citrus flavour as well as the delicious tastes of cinnamon, sultanas, currants and spices.

The packaging has been redesigned with a contemporary snowflake pattern reflecting the festive winter season. This new eye-catching packaging reinforces that this is a limited edition and looks really special and Christmassy.

Emma and I both liked the loaf toasted and eaten cold straight from the packet. Emma liked a couple of slices after school toasted and buttered. I happily snacked on a couple of slices buttered with a cup of coffee mid afternoon.
You can eat Warburtons any time of day, for breakfast, mid morning, lunch, snacks, evening ... its tasty and filling anytime. It might just be a fruit loaf but its a treat too!

Warburtons’ 400g Winter Fruit Loaf has a RRP of £1.30. This limited edition is available from early September until the end of December.

My rating: 10/10
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