22 Dec 2010

Bottle Green

Bottle Green Cordial

Bottle Green cordial is great for all occasions, a summer party, a refreshing drink, as a mixer or soft variants at a birthday bash .... but now you can also drink Bottle Green cordial HOT!

With all the snow this winter its cold and bitter out, why not come in and relax with a nice mug of hot elderflower, strawberry & elderflower, ginger & lemongrass, spiced berry (very Christmassy), aromatic lime, pomegranate & elderflower or orange & mango.

Gone are the days where people boil the kettle for a nice cup of tea, people want fruity drinks that warm them from top to toe.  Bottle Green is the solution as their cordials are well balanced and full of flavour, no messy tea bags to infuse, just use 1 part cordial to 12 parts water (basically make it the same as you would any squash).

You can also add Bottle Green cordials to any alcoholic drinks for a bit of a kick - use any flavour cordial to make cocktails simply and easily - impress your friends with a Orange & Mango Vodka twist  or Spiced Berry with rum.  Give it a try but please drink responsibly.

Enjoy the party season - alcoholic, non-alcoholic or hot! with Bottle Green cordials.

I tried the range recently at The Good Food Show and I was very impressed with the flavours available.

http://www.bottlegreen.co.uk/Stockists  Available from all major supermarkets.

Alva Rhassoul (Acne | Oily) Skincare Peeling Mask

Alva Rhassoul Peeling Mask

When I ordered this I thought it was a peeling mask where it drys on your skin and you peel it off ... its not like this at all.
To be honest I don't know why it has 'peeling' in the name as it doesn't really peel at all.

The mask is like a clay mask with jojoba exfoliating grains in it, its is a very good mask and we really liked the product.   The product has antibacterial purifying properties which help fight spots and blemishes, the Rhassoul volcanic mineral clay draws out excess dirt and oil from the skin while the jojoba beads do their scrubby business to get a good deep clean.  Plant oils including jojoba oil, manuka and tea tree oils, and oils of lavender, bergamot orange and rosemary nourish the skin and kill of bacteria.

We loved it, its not too scrubby and is quite kind enough to use on Emma's skin (she has just turned 10).  It cleaned her face lovely and combined with the Rhassoul Mineral Washcream has helped her acne a little.  Her face isn't so red and sore as with other brands and she said that neither product caused her face to be sore at all.

Applying and washing off was quite fun, she went from spotty faced to caveman mud look, to clean and fresh.  Rinsing did take a few wipes to make sure that all traces were removed and do not use a white washcloth as the clay can stain a little.

Priced at £12.00 for 75ml it is a little expensive, but it does work! We give the product 10/10 as Emma and I both really like it for ease of use and how well Emma's skin has improved.


Alva Rhassoul (Acne | Oily) Skincare

Alva Rhassoul for Acne / Oily prone skin

Rhassoul Mineral Wash Cream is part of the Rhassoul organic skincare programme for problem skin.  The product is great for deep cleansing of skin pores using volcanic mineral clay.

The creamwash helps support the skin while washing by using natural and pure essential oils which help prevent spots, blackheads and oily skin.  As the  product is clay based it draws the oil away from the skin and gives a very very deep clean, it also has a very slight scrub effect which helps loosen dry skin and dead skin cells - after use the skin feels very very clean and has a nice healthy glow.

Putting on the cream is quite funny, always give it a good shake as the contents can settle.  It is like mud to apply and on your faces you look a bit like a caveman, Emma thinks its hilarious but says that she likes the smell of the cream which reminds me of posh spa products.

The mineral wash cream is suitable for the whole body including the scalp, where it even prevents dandruff, reduces the inflammation and redness associated with psoriasis on the scalp, plus the mixture of pure essential oils can also assist with the treatment of head lice.   With the price of it I wouldn't want to waste it on my head, but I suppose if you have a major problem then its worth a try.

We wet Emma's skin and then smoothed on the cream (after giving the tube a good shake), then we left it on her face for a few minutes.  Emma's spots can be quite sore at times but she said that this did not make her skin sting or was uncomfortable - she quite liked the feel of it and the fragrance.  After a few minutes we carefully rinsed it off with a clean warm damp washcloth until all traces had been removed.

Use Alva Mineral Washcream as part of your skincare regime with other products from the Rhassoul range
due to the unique way in which Rhassoul mineral clay works it will not strip the skin or hair of necessary oils; it will simply normalise oil levels.

£10.50 for 150ml quite pricey but its worth it - we really like this product and give it 10/10 !!

Available from My Pure http://www.mypure.co.uk/alva-rhassoul-acne--oily-b150/rhassoul-mineral-wash-cream-p1229

St Eval Candle Company

 St Eval Candle Company
Make your home smell as good as the great outdoors - with the new Celery & Herb range from St Eval Candle Company

Celery and herb: The cool crisp smell of succulent celery sticks combined with the heady aroma of freshly chopped herbs.

There’s no fresher scent than the clean crisp smell of celery sticks and now you can make your whole house smell good enough to eat thanks to the latest addition to the St Eval Candle Company’s growing range. The new Celery & Herb candles will fill your home with the cool scent of an outdoor summer, and with a whole array of styles to choose from, there’s a candle for every room.

With the UK munching its way through 120 million sticks of celery every year, the new Celery & Herb fragrance is set to become a firm favourite! Plus celery has had a formidable reputation as an aphrodisiac since Roman times, so this new scent could freshen up your bedroom too!
For the more modern home, the scented tins (£8.45) are the best option and with a burning time of 45 hours, the gorgeous scent will linger on and on. But if you prefer something more traditional, how about something from the Victorian herb range? Prices start at £3.70 for the small earthenware Vic pot and go up to £19.35 for the earthenware bowl.

Based on a traditional working farm in Cornwall, the St. Eval Candle Company is renowned throughout the UK for their growing collection of fine quality hand-finished candles with unique fragrances and styles. It has an enviable reputation in the use of beautiful and unusual containers. Having traded for over ten years, the St. Eval Candle Company also provide a bespoke candle making service, and currently supply many international companies including Molton Brown, Elemis, Kenneth Turner and Emma Bridgewater.

St. Eval use traditional methods to manufacture candles, this includes a centuries old process known as ‘drawing’, which results in superior burning qualities and time. Whenever they can, St. Eval uses materials from sustainable and renewable sources. They endeavour to produce as little waste as possible and all packaging is sourced from re-cycled materials.

The Scented Tins from the St Eval Candle Company are available in a range of gorgeous scents to suit every room. Please see a list below.

Bay & Rosemary - An invigorating combination of herbal scents
Bergamot & Nettle - Uplifting, herbal aroma with hints of spice
Celery & Herb - The cool crisp smell of succulent celery sticks combined with the heady aroma of freshly chopped herbs.
Inspiritus - An ulifting blend of aromatic spices
Joy - A Light floral fragranced based on mimosa
Lavender - A relaxing and soothing scent of fresh aromatic lavender
Orange & Cinnamon - A warm tangy fragrance with hints of spice
Sandalwood - A blend of warm musk and woody scents
Sensuality - A luxurious blend of nutmeg, citrus and ginger
Thyme & Mint - Crisp, clear scent of fresh garden mint blended with a herbal scent of thyme
Tranquility - A relaxing blend of lavender, orange and ylang ylang
Vanilla - Sweet vanilla bean fragrance, with a soft and powdery character

The Scented Tins are priced at £8.45 and are available from www.stevalcandlecompany.co.uk.

Other products from St Eval Candle Company are:

Victorian earthenware bowl £19.35 (22 burning hours)

Long Tom pot £7.10 (28 burning hours)

Small Vic pot £3.70 (12 burning hours)
Earthenware tealight holders with tealights £4.75 (8 burning hours, sold in sets of two)

Herb multiwick £13.75 (70 burning hours)

Herb pillar £5.75 (60 burning hours)

Herb tin £8.30 (45 burning hours)

Victorian herb tealights £5.00 (8 burning hours, sold as a tray of nine)


St. Eval Candle Company has a wide range of products, with something for everyone, from the classic church candles tins, to the Coastal, English Hedgerow and ‘English Eccentric’ ranges.

The whole collection can be viewed at www.stevalcandlecompany.co.uk.

St Eval Candle Company address is: Engollan, St. Eval, Wadebridge, Cornwall, PL27 7UL.

Stockist and general tel: 01841 540850, or email info@stevalcandlecompany.co.uk.

Website: www.stevalcandlecompany.co.uk.






Merry Christmas, from Radox

Merry Christmas, from Radox
Gift sets for under £10

Yet again year after year Radox do not let us down .... what do you buy Uncle Jim and Aunt Edna? Cousin Jo and your secret santa for work? Radox!  This year they have designed some excellent giftsets to suit everyone including your budget.

For the Friend – Radox Shower Smoothies gift set

Help your friends pamper themselves this holiday season with the Radox Shower Smoothies gift pack. This indulgent box of treats includes two sumptuous Radox Shower Smoothies shower gels that will leave skin feeling smooth and soft over the festive season. This girlie gift also includes a loofah that will help to lather up in these fruity shower gels, and escape the stresses of the day.

RRP £8 available from Boots and Superdrug

For your Sister - Spa Care Gift Set

Bring the complete Radox spa experience into the home. These hypoallergenic products will hydrate and nourish; leaving skin feeling cared for this Christmas. Inside this gorgeous wash bag includes a Radox body scrub and a shower gel containing seaweed and skin conditioners. With the addition of an eye mask included, there is no excuse but to pamper and unwind!

RRP £8 available from Boots and Superdrug
And one for you -
 Be-Selfish Revive and Restore gift set

We all need a bit of revitalisation especially at Christmas, which is why Radox’s new Stimulate Shower Gel has been specially formulated as the perfect antidote to a busy festive period. The stimulate shower gel and muscle bath soak combine black pepper and ginseng to gently soothe tired muscles. Enjoy some selfish time this Christmas and relax in the bath for a long soak to leave you feeling rejuvenated and fresh for the New Year.

RRP £8 available from Boots and Superdrug

Designed for the Men in your Life – Revitalising Shower Scrub and Shower Gel

Keep the men in your life clean, fresh and ready for 2011 with Radox’s Christmas gift set. The Lemon and Tea Tree shower gel will leave them feeling invigorated while the water mint and sea mineral body scrub offers a deep clean with minimal fuss. This practical wash bag from Radox’s first ever men’s range is a must have item for the man in your life this Christmas.

I actually brought 4 of these sets from Superdrug, they are gifts for family men between the ages of 25 - 59 ... so suitable for all :)

RRP £8 available from Boots and Superdrug

Aldi - Christmas Favourites - Chocolate Reindeer

Chocolate Reindeer

Everybody's favourite chocolate reindeer is back for 2010. This cute chocolate treat makes for a great stocking filler gift.

Priced at only 99p !!! This reindeer is a brilliant gift for any child or adult!

Each reindeer comes with a metal tag on its collar which is quite quirky and a velvet blue collar.  The nutritional information states that each 150g reindeer provides 6 servings (25g per serving), but I must admit that I could quite happily eat the whole thing in one go ... but then feel very very sick (I know it would be my own greedy fault!).
Its Christmas :) treat yourself or a loved one for 99p you can't go wrong.
Visit www.aldi.co.uk or your local Aldi store for more information.


Own a micro-brewery this Christmas with ibrew!

When Andy turned 30 he went into 'must brew my own beer' mode ... apparently all men go through this phase when they are 30.  He scanned online auction sites, the local paper and car boot sales to buy all the kit, then I refused to let him brew it in our house as the beer smells the house out while brewing.
He was not bothered one bit as his Mum came home from work one day to find the contents of her airing cupboard on her bed and Andy brewing his beer at her house!

Since then a new kit has been developed which makes the process a whole lot easier.  ibrew is a fantastic kit where everything you need fits into the brewing container - which means that when the new budding brewer gets bored you can pack it all away again until the interest arises again.

Many a beer-lover has dreamed of owning his very own micro-brewery. Now that fantasy can become a reality this Christmas thanks to the groundbreaking ibrew system!

ibrew is a complete, self-contained in-home micro-brewery offering anyone, novice or expert, the opportunity to brew premium lager, bitter or stout inside just 21 days. Compact and easy-to-use, the ibrew micro-brewery kit contains everything needed to produce top-notch, 4% ABV beer of a quality comparable to the finest artisan products on the market – and at a fraction of the price. In fact, ibrew costs from just 50p a pint – offering superb value for money compared with both supermarket and pub prices.

ibrew makes 20 pints of beer at a time at room temperature, which means it can be tucked discreetly away in a cupboard during the brewing process. The beer is stored in two 10-pint bottles until ready to drink. The finished product is dispensed from these bottles using an innovative tap, which also doubles as a clever gas carbonator for the beer. Beer brewed using ibrew is all-natural, containing only malt, hops, water and yeast.

ibrew marketing manager, Andy Janes, said: “ibrew is the perfect treat for beer lovers to buy themselves – or a great gift idea to buy the beer-lover in your life. Brewing your own lager, bitter and stout with ibrew is simplicity itself and very rewarding. It tastes as good as beer produced in professional micro-breweries but offers much better value for money.”

ibrew is ideal for everyday responsible in-home consumption, but also perfect for entertaining this festive period. If you don’t tell them (though it’s likely you’ll be too proud of your beer not to) guests at Christmas and New Year parties will probably not even realise it was brewed in-home!

I am really impressed with the kit, it contains everything you need and clear instructions.  The kit is easily ordered online and is well packed for delivery.  We haven't had chance to brew any beer yet but from unpacking the contents we are both very impressed with the quality of the kit so far.
I like the fact that the little carbonated gas cylinders are included, this is a great upgrade to what Andy and I are used to (as our beer was always a bit flat and naff ... actually so naff that only Andy's dad would ever drink it!).

This is a top quality product and great for any occasion for the 'man who has everything'.  Available with both bitter and lager variants they cover the taste for everyone.

Available for just £64.99, the ibrew starter kit offers a complete re-usable home brewery with everything you need to begin brewing – including the ingredients to make 20 pints. Refills cost £9.99, again for 20 pints, which means home brewing costs from just 50p a pint.

ibrew kits and refills are available to buy online at www.ibrew.co.uk and in numerous retailers nationwide (visit website to find nearest stockist – prices may vary between retailers).

16 Dec 2010

Savlon Spray Plaster

The NEW Savlon Spray Plaster, a quick and easy first aid solution for you and your family.

Unlike other spray plaster products it is antiseptic upon application and has a unique non-drip formula for fuss-free treatment of minor cuts and scrapes.
Convenient and easy to use the spray plaster seals out water, dirt and germs and forms a flexible film, which is perfect for those awkward places like poorly little knees and elbows.

Say goodbye to the fuss of whipping off a traditional plaster as the spray plaster provides protection from dirt and germs before wearing off naturally.
The 40ml can will also fit neatly into your bag or car, so whether it’s a day trip to the park or your family holiday you can be sure you have an easy and convenient treatment at hand for any those little accidents.

  • Protects minor cuts and grazes.
  • Waterproof.
  • Transparent.
  • Aids natural healing.
  • Reduces risk of infection.
  • Non-drip formula.

Savlon Antiseptic Spray Plaster is a new product from Savlon which not only protects cuts and grazes but also aids healing and is anti-septic upon application. The spray format ensures that the cut remains sterile which reduces the risk of infection. The plaster dries transparent and is waterproof.

Directions for Use: Clean and dry the wound. Spray at 5-10cm from the wound and let dry for 1 minute. The plaster wears away naturally after a few days. Renew application as often as necessary.


This is one of those products that I cannot fully appreciate until I really need to use it properly ... but since the product arrived I haven't cut myself (which is a good thing!).
I have sprayed it on my arm and also Emma has sprayed it on her skin.  What I DO like is that I am allergic to the sticky glue on plasters and so cannot use all brands, but so far the spray-on plaster has had NO bad effects on my skin, so thats good.

The aerosol can is quite small so perfect for handbags, the car, first aid kit etc.... it does hold around 40 uses so quite practical and easy to use.  The smell from the spray is a little strong but soon dies down, it doesn't smell on your skin.

I am not sure what it would be like on a cut, would it stop the flow of blood? or is it just for grazes?
I will update next time I cut myself with the answer to the above.

I wouldn't use it on a blister, I put on plasters to stop shoes rubbing etc.... this product will not help soothe a blister except to cover the area, it will not give protection from rubbing shoes like a traditional plaster will do.

Savlon Spray Plaster (40ml) is priced at £6.19 (RRP) and is available at major multiples and pharmacies across the country.




Popular Channel 4 show Come Dine With Me, sponsored by Hardys, today (5th November) announces the launch of a brand new iPhone app that allows fans to experience being part of the show without actually appearing on it.

 Available to download from itunes for just £1.79, the must-have iPhone app will feature Hardys wine pairing alongside recipe suggestions. Wine tasting tutorials will also enable users to act as a true wine connoisseur whilst hosting a successful dinner party.

The app also offers fans of the show sophisticated three course meal menu options, the ability to create a shopping list for ingredients, plus a scoring system so guests can rate the success of their host’s efforts.

 As a quirky added extra, the app features many classic quotes from the show’s resident narrator, Dave Lamb, who adds his much-loved comedy quips to your very own Come Dine With Me experience.

 Helen Warner, Channel 4’s Head of Daytime, said: ‘ We are really excited to be able to give fans of the show an opportunity to be part of Come Dine With Me and experience the trials and tribulations that contestants have to go through when hosting their own dinner party. What better way to do it than with a helping hand on recipe and wine choices, scoring systems and a few choice comments from our very own Dave Lamb?’

Neil Anderson, spokesperson for Hardys says ‘We all know that pairing a good wine to a meal is key to ensuring guests experience an enjoyable dinner party. The new Come Dine With Me app allows fans to easily match Hardys wines to meals which complement the food perfectly.’

The new app launches during this season of Come Dine With Me sponsored by Hardys, the popular Australian wine.

Scotch Pop Up Tape

Create truly beautiful gifts this Christmas, without breaking the bank

When it comes to Christmas gifts it’s not only what’s inside that counts, beautifully wrapped presents show your loved ones how much you care. And carefully wrapped gifts can double up as decorations when placed under the tree. If you’re fresh out of inspiration you’ll really love these gift wrapping tips brought to you by the Scotch brand from 3M. By following these tips, you won’t just be remembered for the gifts you choose but the beautiful way you wrap them too!

• Create a box of gift wrapping resources - Start a gifting box and add to it all year round with bags and boxes that you are given.

• Store everything you need in one place. Keeping everything together will save you having to hunt around the house looking for stuff.

• Break away from traditional wrapping paper for a really different feel. Wrapping paper alternatives can be a great way to theme your gifts, allude to the contents or simply save yourself some cash.

• Use your imagination when it comes to decorating gifts - Use cost-effective, creative trinkets from around the home to create something truly unusual.

• Nothing is as unsightly as oodles of unattractive tape all over your carefully selected wrapping paper. Scotch Pop-Up Tape is designed to disappear on most gift wraps, and to provide a high quality finish to all your gift wrapping throughout the year.

Scotch Pop-Up Tape Handband is the ultimate hassle-free gifting accessory, saving you time when wrapping your gifts at the busiest time of the year. It conveniently dispenses pre-cut strips of tape that disappear on most gift-wrapping papers, leaving both hands free for your gift-wrapping – helping to make beautiful gifts, beautifully simple.

I have been using a Scotch Pop-Up Tape Handband to wrap my Christmas presents.  Yes its handy (literally) but it is also a bit fiddly to load the cartridge of tape strips into the holder and feed them  through. 
I also found that to pull the tape out one-handed was a bit tricky until I got the hand of it and then I was fine.

It is a good device, I wrapped quite a few presents, sometimes I needed two or more strips if it was a big present to hold the paper closed (along the long side of the package) as the strips are quite small.  The size of the strips are prefect for the ends of wrapped parcels and easy to whip out of the holder and stick down (once you get the knack).

I would have liked the pack to come with an extra pad of sticky strips - it only comes with one set.  I did run out quite quickly and now miss the pre-cut sticky strips.  Next time though I only have to buy a refill pack as I the holder is refillable.

For information about the full gifting range and more creative wrapping ideas including theming, creating bows and colour coordinating visit www.sayitwithscotch.co.uk.

Teachers Highland Cream Whisky


Teacher’s® Highland Cream, the distinctive blended Scotch whisky, has had a recent makeover, seeing the bottle change to reflect the whisky inside; robust, bold and well balanced. But don’t take our word for it – try it for yourself or offer it as an ideal gift for whisky lovers this Christmas.

A quality blend, Teacher’s® has a full flavour uncontested by any other blended Scotch whisky – it truly is in a class of its own with a style and flavour worth discovering.

While all blends are made with both malt and grain whiskies, Teacher’s® Highland Cream is uniquely rich, using an exceptionally high amount of malt whisky, over 45%, to give it a richer, full bodied flavour.

Teacher’s® contains over 30 malts, however it is the fingerprint malt whisky from Ardmore® Highland Distillery which is key to the blend. Ardmore® malt enhances and compliments the individual styles of each of the malts, creating the unmistakable Teacher’s® nose and a taste of robust maltiness and Highland peat smoke.

I'm not a big fan of whisky. I prefer brandy ... but my Dad and Father-in-law both like whisky.  My dad prefers it neat or with a splash of diet coke, where as FIL prefers to drink a tot of whisky in his cup of tea.  He sometimes has whisky over ice but normallyl just in tea.

My Dad says that Teachers Whisky is a very high quality brand which is affordable, unlike some brands they are so expensive the bottles gain dust as you are too afraid to drink them - Teachers is a good price and a good whisky, he says that you can enjoy your drink without having to worry about the price.

Teacher’s® Highland Cream is available in both 70cl and for 1L formats from all good grocery stores, RRP £13.49 for 70cl and £18.99 for 1L

Visit www.teacherswhisky.com for more information

14 Dec 2010


TUACA – start chilled – finish responsibly.

Made from the same unique recipe since 1938, TUACA is made from oak aged Italian brandy and then infused with natural citrus fruit and sweet aromatics, including light vanilla tones. This mix gives TUACA an incredibly complex taste profile, making it an ideal base for cocktails and long drinks, as well as excellent as a chilled shot, to be sipped and savoured. TUACA is 70% proof (35% alcohol).

The nights are drawing in, the woolly gloves are on and we’ve finally got our missing hour back: Winter has returned and brings with it some deliciously different ideas for cocktail hour.

Now I don't know about where you live but most people I know round here have been suffering with the flu recently.  I have been a bit chesty so instead of adding brandy to my coffee I have added a capful of TUACA.  If you think of how brandy warms your body up TUACA does the same but has a hint of vanilla and orange as well .... really warm and festive at this time of year.  I felt that my 'hot toddy' wasn't medicinal but really special instead :)

TUACA has a range of mouth watering ideas to spice up the festive season this year. Whether it’s to heat up a cold crisp city night, to round off a day on the slopes or as a delightfully different signature serve for the party season, a warm TUACA cocktail is sure to thaw out your tastebuds.

TUACA has an incredibly complex taste profile, making it an ideal base for cocktails and long drinks, as well as excellent as a chilled shot, to be sipped and savoured. A must try is TUACA with hot cloudy apple juice and a small sprinkle of cinnamon, a perfect winter warmer!

Here are some ideas as to how to serve TUACA, please remember to drink responsibly.
TUACA & Hot Cloudy Apple Juice

This mouth watering warm cocktail is dessert in a glass. A blend of warm apple juice and a hint of cinnamon make this a must have on those frosty evenings. Perfect as an after dinner drink.

50ml TUACA
100ml Hot Cloudy Apple Juice
Ground Cinnamon

Pour the TUACA into a heat-resistant glass. Top with Hot Cloudy Apple Juice and add a tiny sprinkle of cinnamon on top.


A twist on an old home remedy, this will surely take away the winter blues. This bittersweet cocktail uses familiar flavours and is the perfect partner to curl up with.

25ml TUACA
1tsp Honey
15ml Lemon juice
250 ml Hot water.

Mix the TUACA, honey and lemon juice in a glass and so to prevent the glass from breaking place a metal spoon in as you carefully pour in the hot water as a mixer.
Serve with a slice of lemon to add a final spark!

Tuscan Coffee

Indulge in the ultimate winter treat. A warm, creamy, coffee creation that will earn you the status of perfect host at any festive shindig! Ideal for finishing off a great dinner party.

60ml TUACA
50ml coffee
50ml cream

Mix the TUACA and the coffee in a wine glass, and float the cream on top. To complete sprinkle grated chocolate over this delicious treat!

TUACA is available in the following locations to name a few:

- Aberdeen - Tonik, The Office, Society and JP’s Bar

- Belfast - The Northern Whig, The Garrick, Muriels Bar, Auntie Annies and The House Bar

- Cardiff - Mocka, Live Lounge and Promised Land

- Brighton - St James, Fortune of War, Three & Ten and Brunswick

- Edinburgh - GHQ, The Rat Pack, Aspen, Cabaret Voltaire, Treacle, Hamilton’s, Lebowski’s and KoKo

- Glasgow - Campus, O’Couture, Rufus T Firefly, Lebowiski’s, Moskito, Bunker and Bloc Bar

- Inverness - Bar One, Hush, The Room and Gunsmiths

- Leeds - The Shed, Oracle

- Liverpool - La’Go, Peacock

- London - Be@One, Dogstar, White Hart, Stonehorse Paper Cow, The Old Fire Station and The Redback

- Manchester - Illusions, Tribeca

- Newcastle - Popolo, Soho

- Nottingham - Dogma, Brass Monkey

- Truro - L2, One Eyed Cat, Vertigo and Old Grammar School

R.R.P: Around £20 a bottle

You can also find TUACA on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tuacaliqueur?v=info 

8 Dec 2010

Aldi - Christmas Favourites - Three Bird Roast

Aldi - Christmas Favourites

This year Aldi has an amazing Three Bird Roast for only £9.99 !

New and improved recipe for 2010.  This succulent turkey, chicken and duck joint wrapped around a premium sage and onion stuffing has 50% more duck.   Everyone likes turkey at Christmas (well nearly everyone) but why not make this 25th Dec even more special by cooking three different birds all at the same time. 

Andy likes stuffing, he also loves sausage meat (no jokes please!) so when we cook our Three Bird Roast he will also put sausage meat underneath while cooking it, this way all the juices from the bird soak into the sausage meat and make it extra scrummy.

Ready frozen it is also a 'cook from frozen' joint so there is no need to worry about defrosting times. Depending on what type of oven you have it takes between 2.5 - 3 hours from frozen ... however if you do wish to defrost the joint all instructions are on the packaging.

Phil Vickery Recipe Idea (from Aldi Website):

Three Bird Roast Glaze with Sweet and Sour Marmalade and Glazed Parsnips

“My glaze coats joints really well and cooks to a beautiful deep golden colour”  says Phil

Serves: 6-8
Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: none, only on roast.

From your local Aldi
250g marmalade
2 tbsp red wine vinegar
1 Three Bird Roast
2 tbsp light brown sugar
1 tbsp paprika
2 tbsp squeezy honey
4 cloves garlic, finely crushed

1. Pre-heat the oven to 200°C, gas mark 6.
2. Cook the Three Bird Roast from frozen as per the instructions.
3. Next place all the ingredients into a bowl and mix well.
4. At the 1 hour 15 minute mark, remove the bird from the oven and take off the foil.
5. Pour off any juices and keep them for the gravy.
6. Spoon half the glaze over the roast and return to the oven.
7. Cook for 20 minutes, re-coating the bird twice with the glaze that runs off.
8. After 20 minutes, add the rest of the glaze and continue to cook for 20-25 minutes, re-coating twice.
9. You’ll see the glaze darkening each time you spoon over.
10. Remove from the oven and leave to rest uncovered for 10 minutes. This sets the glaze and makes the roast easy to carve.
11. Slice and serve.

Phil Vickery’s Top Tips
Easy to make up the day before, this glaze will be fine in the fridge. The more you glaze the joint, the more golden the end result will be.

There are more tips and videos about Aldi's Three Bird Roast on Aldi's website. Phil Vickery hosts the adverts and makes the food look succulent, I always wonder though where Fern is and if the little girl who looks round the door is really their child?

Video link: http://www.aldi.co.uk/uk/html/service/16651.htm

Three Bird Roast, 1.5kg, £9.99

Please see www.aldi.co.uk for more details.

7 Dec 2010

House of Bath

 Jewellery Stand

Choose our jewellery diva to de-tangle necklaces, bracelets and earrings or our fairly tale slipper to keep up to eleven rings or pairs of stud earrings magically findable

Beautifully hand-finished with delicate beading, these are sure to take pride of place on your dressing table

Diva: H:11½in, Slipper: H: 8in

Personalised Silver plated USB Stick

Keep important data with you wherever you go

Our exclusive 1GB portable USB data stick in silver-plated casing not only looks elegant, but protects the USB from damage too

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Coffee Lovers Hamper

Contains 56g Edinburgh & Co Medium Ground Coffee, 56g Edinburgh & Co Ground Irish Cream Coffee, 150g Box Whitakers Chocolate Coffee Creams, 100g Bar Divine Coffee Milk Chocolate, 100g Bag Coffee Fudge, 105g Elizabeth Shaws Box of Chocolate Flutes

Packed in a coffee cup shaped basket

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Gingham Cat Doorstop

As this little gingham cat's legs are filled with sand and her upper is stuffed, she stays upright and keeps the door where you want it

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Car Mouse

Wired or wireless, our high performance computer mice corner like they're on rails

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British Beer Crate

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Reveal a radiant complexion, and not last night’s secrets…

During the Christmas party season there’s one multi-tasking beauty essential that every girl needs to carry in her handbag, Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser.

Hiding all traces of the late night before, and revealing flawless, radiant skin the morning after, girls rely on Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser to get through the Christmas party season looking beautiful.

Removing all traces of makeup, even the most stubborn lashings of mascara, Cold Cream Cleanser also deeply cleanses skin to reveal a radiant complexion, and can be used as a nourishing face mask to add some extra moisture to tired, dehydrated skin.

Small enough to fit into your handbag and repackaged this year with a pretty pink lid, make sure you keep Pond’s cult beauty cream, Cold Cream Cleanser, in close proximity during the Christmas party season.

I have really dry hands at the moment and Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser is great to slap all over my hands to let it soak in for a while.  The formula is light enough so that it doesn't sting as my skin is quite sore.  Quite a bit soaks in and I wash the excess off .... being so light I don't need much and so I don't feel as if I am wasting much.

Ponds have really helped my hands and I am going to dab a little on my face tonight from the cold wind burn I got earlier in Emma's playground ... here's hoping it cures my inflamed face and makes me look beautiful again!

Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser, £3.99 (50ml)

Pond’s is available nationwide in Boots, Superdrug and Lloyds, and online at www.boots.com
For more information visit www.pondsinstitute.co.uk

1 Dec 2010

Co-operative Community Fund

The Cooperative Membership Fund

The Cooperative Membership Fund

At work I teach 'Community Action' which is all about teaching my learners about their local community and how they can be a part of it (for the good, not hanging in gangs terrorising people!).

Do you know that most of my learners did not know what their local community centre is for!  OK I'll admit I know about mine as I hired the hall once and had a good read of the notice board while I was in there, plus I am very nosy and like to read the local paper incase I know someone .... so it was a bit of a shock to realise that none of my group had ever used the facilities that are there for them.

The Co-operative Community Fund is a grant scheme, which helps local communities throughout the UK. Thousands of clubs, community groups and local charities have benefited. Please see accompanying videos, photos etc.

The scheme is funded by generous members of The Co-operative donating some of their share of profits, which is then given away in the form of small grants. This year The Co-operative Members have donated £1.2 million to local community groups across the country. To qualify for a grant projects must address a community issue, provide long term benefit to the community, support co-operative values and principles & be innovative

There are some great stories happening in local communities and The Co-operative supports those stories and helps them to happen.

This campaign really demonstrates our core co-operative values of giving back to the communities that we serve. 

My groups have had to take part in two local community projects, with the time allowed and the level of ability of my learners we have kept their projects within the college building ... but they have had a good go at them and have enjoyed the teamwork part of their projects.  Their first group was to combat littering in the college grounds, they made a team name and logo, found troublesome areas then worked together to clean up and make the areas nicer.  The second task is all about smoking, not just putting up no smoking signs, bit also supporting those who do smoke to find the nearest smoking area.  The students are enjoying being part of a group that helps others .. which is what community groups are all about.

The co-operatives scheme is brilliant as it gives areas and groups an incentive to create community groups and do good things for their area. 


Image above is a group who have benefited from the scheme

What is The Co-operative Community Fund?

The fund is made up of donations from our members who have chosen to give a percentage of their twice-yearly share of the profits. This year The Co-operative Members have donated £1.2 million to local community groups across the country

The Community Fund is a registered charity and is governed by The Co-operative Community Investment Fund (CCIF). This board of trustees are responsible for ensuring funds to projects are given in line with the Charities Commission guidelines.

The Co-operative Community Fund operates on a truly local level.  The money each region has to give is the money that members have donated in their area. Projects are allocated by postcode..

Grants vary from a minimum of £100 to a maximum of £2,000.

Groups have to apply for the funding – application form is available on our website.

For this campaign:

Please include the following information about the Co-operative Community Fund:

- To be successful a group must:

  • Carry out positive work in the community (it does not have to have charitable status to apply)

        And the project must:

  • Address a community issue

  • Provide a long-term benefit to the community

  • Support co-operative values and principles

  •  Ideally be innovative in its approach

The application form is available on the website: http://www.co-operative.coop/membership/local-communities/community-fund/onlineapplicationprocess/ 

I will definitely be telling my students about this project - maybe they could run a group and gain from this scheme, I hope so.

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25 Nov 2010

Energy TaskForce by EDF ENERGY and EDF

Park Inn Hotels Competition

Play 4 Park Inn

Play 4 Park Inn


Think you are a whizz at 4-in-a-row? Would you like the chance to in an IPad and a £250 voucher for Park Inn Hotels?

Well take a look at http://play4.parkinn.co.uk/  and play the game to be entered into a weekly prize draw.  Win or Lose you will still be entered so its worth a go (even if you are useless at the game like me!).  Each participant will also be entered into a final draw for one week's stay at Park Inn Manchester, Park Inn Berlin, or Park Inn Ulysse Resort (in Djerba, Tunisia) plus a £300 giftcard.  

So what are the weekly prizes? Two winners weekly receive of an iPad and a £250 voucher (respectively) for Park Inn Hotels, which can be used at over 200 hotels in 16 countries (also valid in Radisson Blu and Hotel Missoni, and includes the UK), and can be used at the restaurant, bar, or simply on your room.

I would like to go to Manchester if I win ... I know there is a choice of amazing countries but even though Manchester is only up the motorway from me I have never been to see the sights (I have flown from the  airport but that doesn't count).  Andy (my husband) would never want to go and stay in Manchester if it was going to cost him anything, so this would be a great opportunity for me ... so fingers crossed!!

T&Cs: Open to the UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  Over 18's only,

Competition will run from the 18th November 2010 to the 18th December 2010 ... so be quick and get entering.

You can play up to 20 times per week only ... you never know you might win!

Good Luck and send me a postcard !!

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