8 Jan 2010

Carte Dor Cheesecake

Carte Dor Cheesecake

Give me a choice of desserts and I will choose cheesecake every time. I find that eating cheesecake after a big meal to be the perfect 'sweet yet oddly savory' end to a meal.

Carte Dor have produced some very tempting, posh yet very affordable cheesecakes. Found in the freezers in most Asda's and Sainsbury's they look amazing, really delicious and only cost £3.99

The new range consist of the following flavours:

Madagascan vanilla and chocolate cheesecake – chocolate biscuit base with Madagascan vanilla cheesecake, finished with chocolate sauce and swirls.

Chocolate and raspberry torte –chocolate truffle with whole raspberries on a chocolate brownie base finished with white chocolate swirls.

Vanilla and raspberry cheesecake –vanilla cheesecake with whole raspberries on a crunchy biscuit base finished with raspberry sauce swirls.

All satisfyingly indulgent but at only 260 calories per serving, not 'too' bad *ahem* for the waistline.

After New Years Day dinner we tried the Vanilla and Raspberry Cheesecake. I as usual forgot to take it out of the freezer, we left it to defrost in my mother-in-laws front room, making sure my dog couldn't reach it!

Its a shame really that we didn't have a square plate to present it on as being square it did look a little odd on a round dinner plate. However when we came to cut it into slices (about 2 hours later) not only was it fully defrosted it was really really simple to cut into 6 portions.

The biscuit base it thick and buttery, it doesn't smash into smithereens with you try to cut it, it stays together making each portion easy to serve. We found the cheesecake top to be smooth yet cream cheesy, like a traditional style cheesecake. It wasn't too sweet or fake tasting.

We all really liked the dessert: it didn't need pouring cream .. a few did add cream but I personally didn't need it, looked very professional on the plate .. even if it was round, and all-in-all ticked every ones after dinner boxes.

Our family rating: 10/10

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