19 Jan 2010

Lulu's Time Bomb

Lulu's Time Bomb Skincare Products

Lulu has developed a range of skincare products to suit the older woman's skin types.
Each product is carefully blended with the best oils and nourishment to suit older skin, she has worked with top skincare specialists to target skin that she knows the most about - her own generation.

Oh course you don't have to be over 40 to use Lulu's brand, I have been using her products (I am 32) and my daughter loves the polishing pads (she is 9) ... I have found them very good quality and kind to my skin.

Yes the range is a little pricey, however each product lasts a long time as a little goes a long way. The Time Bomb range is well made and safe for all skin types.

The Take-Off Time Cleansing Cream has a beautiful lavender fragrance, it is a light cream and spreads onto the skin very smoothly. Once on your face you get a slight cooling sensation which is very soothing on tired skin. The cleanser removes make up, dead skin and dirt from your face and neck area; whilst renewing skin cells to give you a glowing complexion.

Removed easily with Lulu's Time Bomb Take-Off Time Polishing Pads, which are pretty tough little pads.

Each side is different, one textured side for exfoliating and the other smooth to remove dead skin cells and dirt, quickly and softly. These are good tough pads which can be rinsed and used to completely clean your face and neck.
They do not fall apart while in use and so you need only use 1 pad per skincare session.

After removing the cleanser, while your skin is still damp ... pop on a coin sized amount of Lulu's Time Bomb Blast To The Past Dermabration.

A gorgeous spherical pot of deep cleansing cream which contains a professional grade of micro-crystals ... its not like an exfoliator, you can't actually feel the crystals they are so fine .. all you see is a slight shimmer which if you look closely you can see are tiny flecks of crystal.

The cream is quite greasy and you can only get a small slither out of the pot at a time to apply to your face, this isn't a negative point as you only need a small amount! A little does go along way and the greasiness helps to spread the cream over your skin.

After a few minutes gently wash away the Dermabration cream to leave your skin radiant, clean and moisturised.

Lulu's Time Bomb range is well researched and of a high quality. I am really impressed and have had no skin irritation at all using all of the above products during my skincare regime.

Available from http://www.lulusplace.co.uk/ along with a wide range of other skincare, body, haircare and fragrances.

Cleansing Cream: 60ml £7.50, 125ml £12.00
Polishing Pads: 10 for £5.00
Dermabration: 12ml £9.50, 45ml £30.00

My rating: 9/10
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