24 Jan 2010

Voltarol - The Joy Of Movement

Voltarol - the Joy of Movement

Voltarol - The Joy Of Movement

I like many of the population have a bad back, sometimes I know when I have tweaked it and so I start to look after my back by changing my posture etc... other times it suddenly goes and I am in agony for days.

Voltarol - The Joy Of Movement is a free downloadable guide to managing body pain. The guide is free and consumers can download it from http://www.emdp.info/

The guide contains different sections to educate people about their bodies, muscles, injuries, prevention and different types of pain. The guide is not a 'buy this product and it will make it all better' at which I was very surprised ... its written in conjunction with a panel of experts from emdp: Exercise, Movement and Dance Partnership.

I learnt quite a lot, I now know what pain is and how your brain interprets the 'pain signals'. I have brushed upon understanding how to prevent body pain by changing my posture while sitting (I am sitting correctly while typing this) and my general fitness (at which Andy my husband laughed at me!).

The guide also contains 9 simple exercises to keep injuries at bay. Some are for everyone to do regardless of your physical ability, they are a little like the exercises Mr Motivator gets you to do on an aeroplane (have you ever seen that little film to prevent thrombosis?). Others are a bit more tricky where you have to be on all fours on the floor ... obviously not 'everyone' would be able to achieve these positions.

Basically the whole guide is sponsored by Voltarol Pain Relief.
You can buy Pain-eze Emugel which is a gel that you can apply directly to the painful area. Do not apply to broken skin, just to sprains, muscle aches, joints etc.... it is a non-greasy gel which is easy to rub into the skin. The gel is also odorless unlike similar muscle rub products.

Also available is Voltarol Pain-eze Tablets, each tablet contains 12.5mg of diclofenic potassium which is an alternative to ibuprofen and paracetamol. Always read the label regarding dosage.

Voltarol is available from all pharmacy's.
The guide is available free from http://www.emdp.info/
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