17 Mar 2010



I tried out the 'Hob & Oven' Pack. When I opened the packaged and told Andy what I had he laughed at me! Apparently normal people clean their ovens regularly .... We have had ours for 7 years now and I have never cleaned it (the inside, I wipe down the ceramic hob daily).

So I didn't back down and went into the kitchen opened the oven door and poked my head inside. Andy followed and laughed even more by saying "There's no use trying to top yourself love! Its electric!!". I ignored him and looked around, it was black... not black as in the oven was black - it was baked on soot and grease. I was not looking forward to this job.

Big bucket of warm water later and I was ready to get scrubbing. Luckily the Oven E-Cloth has scrubbing strips on one side which help remove tough grime, I was about to find out if they actually worked.
I scrubbed away, I didn't need detergent as the E-Cloths on need water to work which is great as 'apparently' the smell of detergents from cleaning the oven can taint your food (I wouldn't know this from experience as I have never before cleaned an oven).

I must admit - it took a lot of scrubbing! but my oven was dirtier than the normal oven. It did come up clean eventually, by rinsing my cloth and attacking the grime I got a good result. The ceramic hob sparkled when I had finished which surprised me as I had only cleaned it the night before.

When I was done my cloth was filthy, not to worry as you can throw E-Cloths into the washing machine and wash at 60* for a good clean or 90* for a tip-top wash. You can even tumble dry them! Each cloth is guaranteed for 300 washes - so think of the money you will save on cleaning products and cloths.

In the pack there is also a silver cloth, this is for light cleaning and polishing. Its best if you use it when the hob is 'warm' (not hot), spray water onto the area and buff away. It comes up lovely, a really nice finish.

I love E-Cloths, they are useful, dependable and can be used on any surface. You only need water and nothing nasty to clean surfaces which is great for the environment too.

Available from most major stores for around £8.80
For more info : http://www.e-cloth.com
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