15 Apr 2010

5alive Apple - Five Fruit Blend

5alive Apple - Five Fruit Blend

5alive has brought out a new flavour to add to their popular Five Fruit Blend range ... Apple.

The Five Fruit Blend range consists of Berry, Citrus and Tropical, so Apple was the next natural choice. The range has been shot into the limelight by an advert featuring a quirky dancing Dodo, the Dodo has since gained Facebook fans and is one of the most memorable adverts on TV.

5alive Five Fruit Blend isn't just 'apple juice', it contains a blend of apple 30% blended with grapes, pears, kiwi fruits and lemon.

Imagine biting into a crisp green apple, it tastes slightly like apple with a watery refreshing crunch ... that's what the juice tastes like. Its not strong like an 'apple juice' its more crisp, with an apple aftertaste.

Its very hard to describe the juice as it took me by surprise. I expected it to be boring old apple juice, then was taken back when at first it didn't taste like apple ... very pleasant and easy to drink.

I haven't tried the other varieties and so I cannot comment on their flavours, however I am impressed with the Apple variety.

Health wise the juice is pretty good too. A 250ml serving contains 65 calories, 0g fat, 0g saturates, 0g salt but 15.3g sugars (17% of an adults daily amount). This is a pretty high figure if you are diabetic or need to watch your sugar intake, be be aware.

Each carton contains 4 x 250ml servings, so one carton is easily enough for a family of 4. A great breakfast juice or refreshing drink, packed full of vitamin C goodness with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

5alive Apple Five Fruit Blend is a light refreshing juice drink, suitable for all the family.

Available from all supermarkets.

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