12 Apr 2010

GreenPeople Oy Range

GreenPeople Organic Young Skin Range Oy!

Emma is 9 and has child acne, therefore I have to be careful what products she uses on her skin. Sometimes even mild products cause nasty flare ups so I have been carefully trialing different brands to find the best products for her to use.

GreenPeople have an organic skincare range aimed at young people and teenagers called Oy!
What I like it that its organic and not totally aimed at hormone-filled teenagers, GreenPeople do not have spotty pubescent teenagers promoting their range, just simple images of the products with accurate descriptions.

We have tried two products from the Oy! range to try and combat Emma's spots.
We tried to get a 'skincare regime' in place, to first wash her face and then moisturise. Not too harsh but enough to know that her face had had a good clean.

Oy! Organic Young 'Face-it!' Foaming Anti-Bac Face Wash was instantly liked by Emma as it is a foam. Not quite as foamy as shaving cream, its more like the foam you get on top of a milky coffee.

The reason Emma liked the foam is that she could put it on her face and wash it all off .... all on her own. Remember that she is only 9 and so still needs quite a lot of help with personal products, but one pump of the bottle was enough of the foam to wash her face, then using a flannel she easily washed it off herself.

The foam is soft and natural, it has no gunk included and is certified 93% organic. Containing willow bark, green tea and tea tree it is also full of soothing yet cleansing ingredients.

However ... it smells vile! Luckily for Emma its a slap on and wash off type of product with no sitting around in the middle .. so the smell wasn't too bad when applied. I suppose if you are using all natural products you expect them to smell as they are supposed too - to add in fragrances to mask the natural aromas goes against the whole 'natural organic' point of the product in the first place.

After washing and rinsing Emma applies Oy! 'Cleanse and Moisturise'. A light moisturiser with
willow bark, green tea and mandarin to reduce inflammation and kill bacteria.

This product is a 3in1 Cleanser, Moisturiser & Make-up Remover. The ingredients promote a blemish-free complexion that gently cleanse to rid skin of pollutants and make-up.

We used it like a moisturiser as she doesn't wear make-up, but it is light enough to remove make-up effectively for older users.

I like this product and have even used it myself a couple of times on some dry patches. It is suitable for all skin types, especially acne-prone & sensitive skin.

Both products are available from GreenPeople they have ranges for all ages and skin types.

'Face-it' Foaming Anti-bac Facewash - 100ml £10.99
'Cleanse and Moisturise' - 50ml £8.99

Emma's rating: 8/10
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