18 Apr 2010

Harry's Nuts!

Harry's Nuts!

Harry Hill the legendary comedian from ITV has created a brand of Fairtrade nuts.

Harry's Nuts are working with Choose Liberation (Liberation Foods) to promote the sale of Fairtrade products, all the farmers who produce the nuts in Harry's Nuts have been paid more for their crops than what 'other' nut companies pay .. this gives the farmers more money for their villages, families, children, education etc... and works towards saving them from a life of poverty.

Harry Hill does not make any money from Harry's Nuts! He has lent his name and support to the cause as he feels strongly about Fairtrade.

Harry's Nuts! are salted peanuts and salted cashews, I have tried the salted cashews and they are scrummy. Very moreish, be careful as it is easy to eat the whole packet ... however do not tip the bits at the bottom into your mouth as you will get a mouthful of salt!!! Its not nice.

Typical values for the salted cashews per pack are: 183kcal, 6.2g protein, 15.3g Fat ... so pretty high. Good for a snack, but don't live on them.

Visit Harry's You Tube page to watch Harry’s video from his trip to Malawi with Liberation http://www.youtube.com/liberationfoods

Harry's Nuts! are available in Sainsbury's and Waitrose stores and smaller outlets.

For more information on Fairtrade please visit www.fairtrade.org.uk
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