7 Apr 2010

Murad Goji Berry Gift Set

Murad Goji Berry Gift Set

The Goji Berry Gift Set from Murad comes in a lovely foiled gift tube delicately decorated. Inside are two 125ml tubes: Purifying Goji Berry Body Wash and Nourishing Goji Berry Body Cream.

Have you ever opened a gift set and straight away been engulfed by a delicious fragrance?
To me both Goji Berry products smell edible like marzipan with a hint of blackcurrant, very warm and luxurious. You can tell that these products are nutritionally rich and deliciously indulgent your skin just from the initial fragrance.

So what is a Goji Berry? From the information on the back of the gift box it states that Goji Berries are an exotic fruit that has been used for more than 2000 years for healing. Dr Murad has harnessed the powers of Goji Berries to cleanse, nourish and protect your body and soul as you pamper yourself using the body wash and body cream.
Super fruit Goji Berries are packed with antioxidants, trace minerals, amino acids and have 500 times the vitamin C of oranges ... so these little berries have quite a bit of punch!

Purifying Goji Berry Body Wash is a gentle exfoliating gel which bathes skin with natural anti-oxidants as it reveals a softer, smoother skin.
When you then use the Nourishing Goji Berry Body Cream this hydrates your skin while infusing it with a powerful antioxidant protection.

Available from the Dr Murad range: http://www.murad.co.uk/goji-berry-gift-set
Priced at around £29.95 - £19.95 depending on offers.
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