2 Apr 2010

Nestle Retro Easter Eggs

Nestle Retro Easter Eggs
This year Nestle have brought back their iconic eggs from the 80's, all the types and styles of eggs that I remember from when I was little.
I used to get all egg-cited when someone gave me an egg as they were HUGE :) I am happy to say that in our ever-shrinking price-increasing world the size of Nestles Easter Egg's have stayed the same!

Available this Easter are a selection of Nestle's top quality confectionery as boxed Easter Eggs. All major supermarkets stock them and I think you will struggle to choose which egg to buy for who (and don't forget to tell others which egg you want too!).
The Rolo egg comes with a large hollow chocolate egg, 2 full size packets of Rolo's and a single 'last Rolo' to give to your loved one.

Emma asked me what the single Rolo was for so I told her "Its to give to the one I love most!", she looked at me confused and promptly ate it!

The Smartie Egg is Egg-sellent, it contains a Smartie mug ... how cool is that! When I was little I had a Smartie mug and I think I had a matching egg cup too. Each hollow egg is made from top quality Nestle chocolate which is smooth and creamy, remember to not get carried away and eat a whole egg in one sitting as you could feel quite sick ... but that would be your own fault for being greedy (says the girl who ate a whole egg *ahem*).

I will save the best till last!!! Not only have Nestle egg-selled themselves with their retro styled eggs they have also released a Milkybar Moo-Cow.
Its cool, according to Andy who ate the whole thing while I stuffed my face with Rolo Egg the Milkybar Cow is gorgeous.

Made from pure Milkybar its a hollow cow shaped egg covered in printed foil. Great for little ones and adults, a brilliant gift for family and friends.
Milkybar is made from 100% natural ingredients which is why mums love to give their toddler a small a treat of Milkybar - so they can now have an Easter treat too.

Nestle have really impressed me this year and I hope they bring back more versions next year. I will certainly buy them.

Available from all major supermarkets.
Milkybar Cow RRP £1.99
Rolo, Smarties and Yorkie Eggs also available.
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