7 Apr 2010

NOM Naturally Light Yogurt

NOM 'Naturally Light' Yogurt

At present its Easter and we are surrounded by calories and sweet flavours, but what if you are diabetic or dieting and fancy something 'nice' for a snack or to round off your meal?

NOM’s new ‘Naturally Light’ yogurt range is made with 100% natural ingredients, NOM Naturally Light contains less than 132 calories per 180g pot and less than 93 calories per 125g pot, they also contain 0% fat – making them a rare guilt-free treat!

There are loads of different yogurts on the market, some are thick and creamy, others full of fruity bits and others that just don't 'look' special (so you don't bother with them).
NOM are different, they are presented in good sized proper yogurt pots, are light but filling and are available in four different mouthwatering flavours: Senga Strawberry, Morello Cherry, Alphonso Mango & Passionfruit and Bourbon Vanilla.

I liked the Morello Cherry flavour the most, big chunky cherries in a light cherry flavour yogurt. It was 'too cherry' just enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. The Vanilla was also very tasty with a nice aftertaste of vanilla after every spoonful.
I found the Mango and Passionfruit a little tarty for my liking, however the strawberry was divine.

For a yogurt I would have preferred them to be a little thicker, but these are a 'light' range. I would expect other yogurts from their range to perhaps suit my taste better like NOM's Naturally Creamy or Naturally Good yogurts.

NOM Naturally Light yogurts are available from Tesco, Morrisons, Iceland and Nisa stores.

Naturally Light yogurts are also available in single pots or flavour multipacks of 4.

My rating 8/10
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