28 Apr 2010

Panda Cherry Licorice

Panda Cherry Licorice

Made from all natural ingredients Finland have produced some very tasty cherry licorice, the flavours are full and mouthwatering to which I am very impressed.

In my opinion Panda Cherry Licorice has some good and bad points which I will try to explain to you.

The good points are that the excellent cherry flavour is totally mouthwatering and makes you want more! Panda Cherry Licorice is fat free, contains no artificial preservatives, artificial colours and flavours and that they are suitable for vegetarians and vegans (plus they are kosher certified which is a bonus).

The bad are that although they state 'fat free' and 'no hydrogenated fats' don't be fooled each 200g bag still contains over 600kcals ... so don't eat the whole bag in one go!

My main disappointment is that yes the licorice is 'soft eating' but I found the texture 'too' soft, maybe this is how people like their soft licorice?? but I found that when I tried to chew each sweet it just fell apart into strands, got stuck in my teeth and generally floated around my mouth not really doing much.

I found that the only "Ooomph!" came from the sweet cherry flavour and not from the actual experience of eating the licorice pieces.

Panda are a top product and you can tell that they are expertly made, the information on the packet is in depth and relevant to the brand.

Everyone is different and prefers different textures, so if you like soft licorice try Panda Cherry Licorice as it is scrummy :) I am sure you will have a great cherry taste sensation.

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