7 Apr 2010

Yumberry Yang-Mei Juice

Organic Yumberry Yang-Mei Juice

I first discovered Organic Yumberry Juice at the Good Food Show last November at the NEC. I sampled the juices and brought a couple of bottles at the show.

So why am I writing about it? I feel that I need to spread the word about Yumberry Juice and how good it is for you.

Yang-Mei fruit hosts a range of nutrients. Tests have shown that the fruit contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E and folacin. In fact 100g of yang-mei fruit gives you nearly a quarter of your recommended daily allowance of vitamin C as well as 13% of your folacin and 12% of your biotin RDA.

In addition, yang-mei contains selenium which enhances the activity of vitamin E when consumed in conjunction with it. More than this, scientific evidence shows the presence in yang-mei fruit of ellagic acid, quercetin and myricetin.

We all know that for optimum health we should have a balanced diet which contains essential vitamins, but how many of us achieve this daily? Drinking Yumberry Yang-Mei Juice you can top up your vitamins, refresh your body and help keep your body healthy by just drinking a drink - no pills or supplements.

Yumberry Yang-Mei Juice comes in two variants:

300ml - 100 % Yang-Mei Juice.

For the full on Yumberry experience try the 100% organic yang-mei juice (made from concentrate) in a iconic 300ml glass bottle.
No added sweeteners, extenders or cheapeners. Just packed full of the great taste and goodness of yang-mei fruit.

I personally find this juice a bit 'full-on', its quite strong with a tarty undertone. However you can taste the goodness in the juice and feel the impact of the fullness of the fruit and vitamins that they contain.

500ml - 50% Yang-Mei Juice Drink.

For a lighter experience try the 50% Yumberry Juice Drink. Again it is exactly what it says on the bottle - 50% yang-mei juice.
They just add some fructose, citric acid and water to make it light, sweet and flavoursome.

I prefer this version of Yang-Mei Juice its easy to drink and very refreshing. Its like a 'squash' and very moreish. My daughter also prefers this lighter juice as she finds the other too strong for her young palette.

Both juices are best served chilled.

For stockists please visit: http://www.yumberryuk.co.uk/stockists.htm

You can also buy online direct from the website: http://www.yumberryuk.co.uk/store.htm

A great product full of benefits - my rating 9/10
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