16 May 2010

Heinz Low Sugar and Salt Ketchup

Heinz Tomato Ketchup - Reduced Sugar & Salt

Heinz recently brought out reduced sugar ketchup and also reduced salt (different bottles), now they have brought out a version of their iconic tomato sauce that is reduced sugar AND salt. The image above is the old reduced sugar bottle .. as I couldn't find an image of the new style, but you get an idea.

Reduced Sugar and Salt ketchup is perfect for anyone who needs to control their sugar and salt intake for their diet (which in reality we all should do) and also great for kids!

It tastes near-on the same as the regular full sugar and salt bottle, there isn't much difference. I would probably say that someone who covers their food in Heinz Tomato Sauce would notice, but the regular dollop-on-the-side person wouldn't. Basically if you need to cover everything in sauce then you have a problem with your palette anyway ;)

Tomato Sauce is also included in quite a few recipes, particularly for marinades. I have always mixed together Heinz tomato sauce and Heinz salad cream to make a Rose Marie sauce for prawns which has always been quite tasty ... at least now I can make it healthier too.
You can actually buy a Heinz Tomato Ketchup Cookbook which using the lower salt and sugar version would make your 'homemade' food better for you.

Give it a try, having 30% less salt and sugar, no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or sweeteners its a great Heinz product with a saucy twist!

For more information about Heinz products please visit the Heinz website.
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