16 May 2010

Silver Care Toothbrushes

Silver Care Toothbrushes

Dental hygiene is very very important, my Mum drummed into me about keeping my teeth clean and mouth fresh and she was right, I am 32 and only have 2 tiny fillings.

I cannot understand how people can stand having that nasty filmy feeling in their mouth, I always clean my teeth in the morning and before I go to bed as I like the fresh clean feeling.
Emma and Andy on the other hand are the opposite and have to be nagged to go and clean their teeth.

Silver Care toothbrushes are a new idea using real silver. The bristles are encased in silver where they meet the plastic of the toothbrush. The makers claim that when silver makes contact with water it releases active ions which contributes towards continuous antibacterial activity ... thus keeping your toothbrush fresh and also your dental hygiene.

The silver ions work towards reducing Steptococcus Mutans which is a main part of cavity-forming bacteria. To be honest anything that reduces bacteria is a good thing, especially on an object that is used in your mouth or your children's mouths.

The toothbrushes come in a wide range of styles and sizes:

The Baby range has soft massaging bristles and a nice round end. The handle is long enough for parents to gently clean new forming teeth and it is non-slip to avoid mistakes.

The Junior range has a compact head that is styled to clean pre molars, yet avoid trauma to milk teeth. They have a gently curved handle which is perfect for little hands.

The Teen range is ergonomically designed for middle sized hands, they have medium bristles and a rounded end.

Adults are also catered for with a regular toothbrush and also a 'plus' brush where you can change the heads as they wear out.

Silver has been used in health care for years dues to how it repels and combats germs and virus's. The toothbrushes are the same as regular brushes, but they have an added silver element.

If you care about dental hygiene these Silver Care brushes could be worth checking out, more more information please visit: http://www.simplyvital.com/
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