1 Jun 2010


Ecover - Powered By Nature

Cleaning experts Ecover are powered by nature to offer a wide range of highly effective and ecological cleaning products which cater for your every summer cleaning need. From ground-in dirt on your favourite t-shirt, stubborn stains on your kitchen floor, tough grease on your BBQ or a dirty car or bike; Ecover has an effective ecological solution for all your cleaning needs.

Ecover uses sustainable plant-based and mineral ingredients, all of which are chosen to ensure Ecover’s products are effective and tough on dirt.

Now I must admit .. I was always a little suspect about Ecover's claims about cleaning, I saw the products in the shops but never actually purchased any, how wrong was I !!

As with all new products I always worry about how my skin and my families skin will react to the products, especially with washing liquids and softeners. I am allergic to most washing-up liquids and Andy is terrible with certain brands of clothes washing products. I am pleased to announce that none of us had any kind of reaction to Ecover - any type!

Ecover's washing-up liquid took quite a bit of liquid to get a good amount of washing bubbles (a good squeeze), but once in the water and bubbly it cleaned our dishes really well. The glasses came out shiny and it seemed to shift dried on food as good as any other leading brands.

The non-bubbly effect is actually on purpose by Ecover, apparently other brands use foam boosters that are full of chemicals to make all the white foam, they have no extra cleaning effect and are harmful to the environment - hence why Ecover leave them out.

For stained coffee mugs I found it worked best with really hot water, I ran it hot then left mugs to soak for a while. All stained wiped off easily with a sponge, no scrubbing.

The fragrance was also very pleasant and my hands felt soft after use and not dried out. I had no rashes at all with Ecover so I was really pleased.

Available in 3 fresh fragrances: Lemon and Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Marigold, and Grapefruit and Green Tea just one squeeze is enough for a whole sink full of dirty dishes to be left sparkling clean.

RRP £1.30 (500ml)

Ecover's laundry products also surprised me, they cleaned well with a nice fragrance and didn't leave the washing machine drawer all scuddy.

All of the ranges are concentrated so you only need a small amount of liquid to wash a full drum of dirty linen. The cap doubles as a measuring device so you can be sure to use the correct amount each wash - no more hunting round for a scoop or in wash liquid holder.

Offering exceptional washing results, even at low temperatures; more washes per bottle; 54% less packaging per wash and 68% less transport miles, Ecover’s powerful concentrates mean you can tackle your dirty laundry with an even cleaner conscience this summer.

The softener was also of high quality, it was creamy and luxurious. After the wash had finished and clothes dried you could still smell the freshness of the conditioner fragrance. The clothes felt soft when dry, I used a tumble dryer for all our washing so I cannot comment on how they feel after being on the line.

Ecover Concentrated Bio Laundry RRP £5.69 (500ml)
Ecover Concentrated Non Bio Laundry RRP £5.69 (500ml)
Ecover Delicate RRP £2.06 (500ml)
Ecover Under the Sun Fabric Softener RRP £1.99 (500ml)

All I can say about the Multi Surface Cleaner is WOW!

We brought a caravan the other week and I used the multi surface cleaner to give the whole van a good wipe round. It didn't knock me out with strong chemical smells and I used it on all surfaces - even the outside of the caravan and the windows (it did say 'multi-surface').

It cleaned really really well, all sticky marks disappeared with not much scrubbing effort and the sink and shower tray came up lovely. It made light work of the cooker hob and also took care of a small patch of mould on the fridge door.

I was really impressed, I have even left it in the caravan to use while on the go as it won't overwhelm us with fumes like other brands.

Ecover Multi Surface Spray Cleaner RRP £2.84 (500ml)

All-in-all I was really impressed with the whole Ecover range of cleaning products. The washing-up liquid is definitely on my list for the future and the multi surface spray is the best I have ever used.

My rating: 10/10

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