1 Jun 2010

Kosmea Eighth Natural Wonder

Kosmea Eighth Natural Wonder Revitalising Facial Serum

My first impression was that the tube of cream looks really really posh, its like a mini pump bottle with lots of silver making the dispenser look very swish and snazzy.

It didn't take much of initial pumping for the cream to dispense either which was positive ... one pump gives a good amount of cream, enough for your whole facial area as the cream smoothes really well and give good coverage.

The colour of the cream is slightly off-white yellow, I personally am not keen as I prefer creams to be white and pure looking. I am under artificial light though and so that may be where the yellow tint comes from so please forgive me if the colouring is different under natural light.

Basically Kosmea Eighth Natural Wonder is an age-defying, antioxidant which has the ability to 'freeze' fine lines and facial wrinkles. It gives a radiant glow like a mini face lift using natural ingredients. The two main ingredients are hibiscus extract which is used to combat fine lines and organic rose hip oil to give your face an instant lift and glow.

Combined with green tea extract, rosewood and geranium these all help with their own properties such as anti-aging and replenish and revitalising.

So how do you use it? After cleansing in the morning pop some onto your facial skin, you can use it under other Kosmea creams if your skin requires extra hydration, if not then on its own if fine.
At night you should not need any extra moisturisers as this is the time to let Kosmea Eighth Wonder do its magic.

I however do not like the fragrance of the cream, on first application it smells like paint drying, then as the initial powerful fragrance has disappeared you can smell the essential oils that are combined to make the properties of the cream. I don't like it, its not my personal cup-of-tea ... but every ones senses are different.

Suitable for all skin types, but do do a small skin test before smothering your face in it (as you would any product).



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