1 Jun 2010

Lovea Bio L'Argan

Lovea Bio l'Argan

This shampoo is from their Bio range, the type I am reviewing is dedicated to 'Shine'. The special Organic Moroccan Argan Oil formulation brings health and vitality to dull and lifeless hair.
It is a clear shampoo with a lovely fragrance, it is quite runny and so runs through your fingers while you are quickly trying to out it onto your wet hair, but a little does go a long way.

The foamyness is smooth and silky, lathers up well and washes out quickly. My hair felt very clean but I do not use products (gel, sprays, etc...) and so it is quite easy to wash, I would think though that it would cut through products and give a good deep clean for all hair types.

Shine wise I didn't see a difference until I had used it a few times, it was actually a colleague that commented when the sun caught my highlights, I couldn't personally see any difference myself.

It is a nice shampoo, not the sort that I would buy and use daily (as I am a supermarket type of girl) but nice as a a treat. Would be great in a set with shower gel and conditioner as a gift.

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