13 Jul 2010

[A'kin] Light Conditioner

[A'kin] Light Conditioner

This conditioner is for normal, fine and oily hair. It is a light conditioner so that it won't clog your hair and make it heavy and lifeless.

Containing jojoba and lavender the fragrance is mainly lavender which reminds me of old ladies. Unfortunately although lavender as a property is excellent for skin and hair the fragrance is very oldy-worldy and dated.

I love the bottle style as it is very traditional and different to our everyday off the shelf products, the bottle looks very posh in your bathroom.

The conditioner on the whole is very light and creamy. It spreads easily through your hair and you do not need much to condition your whole head. The conditioner also washes out really easily and does not leave your hair feeling slimy, just squeaky and clean.

Being a light conditioner is it good for oily hair, I did avoid my roots though as my roots do not need conditioner at all - the cream was easily able to be spread around the ends avoiding my root area.

After use the lavender does tone down a little and doe not clash with highly fragranced shampoo's. My hair felt soft and healthy after washing, after drying it had a slight shine which was nice.

225ml is £7.49 a little pricy but it is good quality, so you get a good product for your money.
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