15 Jul 2010

Galler Chocolate

Galler Chocolate

Its that time of year again when the kids move up a year at school ... so you feel you should buy their long suffering teacher a small gift to show your appreciation of their work.

Galler Chocolate stock a wide range of chocolates that make excellent gifts, they have a good range of prices to suit all budgets and each gift will be 'tastefully' received.

I have been gratefully enjoying a tin of 'cats tongues' from Galler, priced at £3.50 the little tin contains 6 individually wrapped mini solid chocolate cat shapes. The chocolate is divine and melts in your mouth.

The tin would be an excellent gift for male/female/adult or child, its ageless and different.

A unique gift is Kaori - The Japanese Chocolate Calligraphy Set at £14.05
Kaori is a Japanese word meaning perfume, scent and fragrance. Jean Galler has developed a series of chocolates, based on traditional ink sticks and ink stones, which were used in traditional Japanese calligraphy.

There are 6 different chocolate sticks with flavours including Saffron, Vanilla and Coconut, Ginger... To create your very own combination, simply dip them into the exciting varieties of Orange and Cocoa Nibs, Matcha Green Tea and Poppy Seeds, and Kalamansi. With these elements you can create forty-eight different flavour combinations.

How clever is that!!

Another of my favourite products is their favor boxes, if anyone is planning on getting married take a look at Galler's selections. Galler stock a 2 chocolate praline giftbox for £1.84 now that is really good value!
I wish I had seen these last year when I was busy making my own boxes and filling them ... would have saved me a lot of time and trouble.

For more information please visit: http://www.gallerchocolates.co.uk/

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