15 Jul 2010

JML EZ Combs

JML EZ Combs
Ever wanted a professional ponytail or 'up' style for your hair without having to book into your local hair salon? Well the EZ Combs from JML help you achieve posh hair do's at home.

OK, they are a bit tricky and to be totally honest it is something you would wear once then give to the kids to play with ;) but if put in correctly they do look quite snazzy.
Emma likes to wear them as she doesn't mind her hair looking wonky, even when I tried to put them in her hair the effect looked a bit naff but being a child her hair is quite thin and her head small. I found that if I twisted the EZ Comb a few times it shortened the elastic and it stayed in her hair for longer.
My hair was a whole different ballgame, I have very thick hair and it did stay kinda well, but I found that I had 'too much' hair and so most of it fell out loosening the slides.
With practice I will probably one day master it - but it is a 'faddy' item that I very much doubt people will wear more than a few times.

If you keep them for posh occasions then they will stay nice, but overuse causes the elastic to stretch and the slides go misshapen. Always put them back into the box as well or else they easily tangle and they are a nightmare to sort out.
Available in twin packs of: Black/Sandalwood or Caramel/Silver.
Available online or from:
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